methods to slow down the degree of aging

Aging is irresistible, however we can use some methods to slow down the degree of aging, even in the eyes of ordinary people to accomplish a change of this effect, and that means you seem much younger compared to other peers. Among the most frequent examples of anti-aging achievement: Gigi. So what is the best anti-aging way of girls over the age of this girl?

Can significantly prolong the typical lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster by up to 26%.
Longan Meat:
There is a certain anti-aging impact, because it can inhibit the aging has a close relationship with the brain B-type monoamine oxidation action.
Vitamin E content is many, can stop the body internal oxidation process.
Includes anti-aging compounds cysteine, can postpone the aging of cells, Yishou Yannian.
Carrots: Rich in beta-carotene, can eliminate harmful free radicals, eat 100 g of radish a day about 15 grams of beta-carotene, which could play an anti-aging function.