warmth and cleansing efficacy

Cucumber Cucumber is valuable to water conservancy urine, warmth and cleansing efficacy, including xylose, amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin , is a pure food attractiveness.

Cucumber made from mask, natural not pricey, is your most economical beauty solutions.
Radish White radish cleansing benefits, rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin C may protect against skin aging, and whitening skin, stop the creation of black stains, is conducive to skin care white.
White radish from the dietary fiber material is extremely high, great at cleansing, to remove the face stinger, colour stains have impact.
Honey Since early times, the previous generations of maid with honey attractiveness isn’t fresh, everybody has heard.
Honey has fructose, sugar, enzymes, enzymes, vitamins and many different minerals, honey along with also a mysterious substance called oxygen free radicals, may anti-fungal, remove and reduce skin wrinkles, and so, honey is easily the very best beauty food.
Bitter melon rich components, balsam pear includes 94 percent of water and full of vitamin C, skin care has a fantastic effect.
Strawberry Strawberries decrease blood lipids. Gets the health function into your skin, the hair.
It includes a chemical called aspartic acid, which may be ruled out from the individual body of remaining substances, but weight loss result.
Kiwifruit There are a whole lot of beauty foods, it’s most important to pick the one which suits you.