Chronic diseases are one of the most common diseas

Chronic diseases are one of the most common diseases in life. Because men are under pressure to work and work, some chronic diseases are easy to find. So, how to prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases in daily life? Let us know how to prevent chronic diseases by aerobic exercise.

How do men prevent chronic diseases?

How to prevent chronic diseases? The method experts to prevent chronic diseases introduce you:

Some people think that skipping is too simple. In fact, skipping is a more intense exercise, and it needs to be done with force. I remember when I first started skipping, I was very excited. I jumped for 5 minutes and didn’t feel it. The next day, the leg muscles and back muscles began to ache.

When you skip the rope, you can carry out the “language ability test” yourself. If you can’t talk in a consistent way, panting, this is the body’s signal – if the amount of exercise is too large, you should slow down. Those who are just learning to jump rope should decide the number of jumps according to their age.

It is generally believed that people over the age of 20, 110 to 130 times the best jump in 1 minute; people over 30 years old, jumping 90 to 100 times per minute; people over 40 years old, jumping 80 to 90 times; people over 50 years old It is most appropriate to jump 70~80 times.

When skipping the rope, it is best to choose a pair of comfortable soft-soled sneakers to prevent the joint from being damaged by shock. Moreover, you can start exercising with a light rope at the beginning, and you can change more patterns when you are skilled.

A set of “jumping rope progressive plan” was designed. In the beginning, only jump for 1 minute in the original place; after 5 days, you can jump for 3 minutes continuously; after two months, you can jump for 10 minutes continuously; after half a year, you can implement “series jump” every day (such as 3 minutes each time, a total of 5 Times), until a continuous jump for half an hour. Don’t underestimate this. Jumping for half an hour is equivalent to jogging for 90 minutes. This is a standard aerobic exercise.

The above is how experts can help you prevent chronic diseases. Do you know how to do it? I believe that everyone can learn about chronic diseases and understand that they can exercise more and avoid chronic diseases.