Smoking is the most common phenomenon in today’s society.

Smoking is the most common phenomenon in today’s society. Many people know that smoking is bad for the body, but it is still smoking. There are also a lot of “justices” about smoking. For example, a cigarette in the morning, a good spirit for a day; a cigarette after a meal, a live god. These are the famous words of the smoking industry. For men, the dangers of smoking are very high. Let’s take a look at the misunderstandings behind these “famous words”!

Is it really good for men to smoke?

Smoking is harmful to health, everyone knows, but the time, environment and occasions of smoking are not good enough, which is probably not expected by many addicts. Hazards of male smoking:

One of the misunderstandings: a cigarette in the morning, a good day

This is the feeling of some “old smokers”. The first thing they wake up in the morning is to burn a cigarette, and it is also known as “early smoke and refreshment.” If you don’t smoke a cigarette in the morning, you will not be able to do anything. You may even feel that you have done one less thing. Especially those who are addicted to smoking, often people have not left the bed, they can’t wait to swallow in the bed. Yes, open your eyes, smoke a cigarette, and make up the nicotine concentration in the blood after a night of metabolism. For those “smoke ghosts”, the spirit can indeed be “vibrated.”

As everyone knows, after one night, the air in the room is not circulated, it is very dirty, and the smoke mixed with cigarettes is re-sucked into the lungs. In addition, smoking on an empty stomach will stimulate the bronchial secretion of fluid, which will cause chronic bronchus over time. inflammation. There is a saying in the folk: “Smoking in the morning, returning to the West in the morning” has already sounded the alarm for people. Although it is somewhat exaggerated, it can also explain the danger and seriousness of smoking in the morning.

Misunderstanding 2: A cigarette after a meal, a live god

This is a very harmful misleading for smokers. After a meal, the amount of blood circulation increases, and nicotine is quickly absorbed into the blood, causing people to be excited and their heads floating, just like the “smokers” describe the feeling of “the gods.” In fact, smoking a cigarette after a meal is greater than the usual poisoning of ten. Because the body’s heat is greatly increased after meals, smoking will inhibit the secretion of protein and bicarbonate, hinder food digestion and affect nutrient absorption. At the same time, it also causes direct damage to the stomach and duodenum, causing gastrointestinal dysfunction, increased bile secretion, and easily causing abdominal pain and other symptoms. Moreover, while the body actively digests and absorbs food, the absorption capacity of cigarette smoke is also enhanced, and the harmful substances absorbed are also increased. Therefore, it can be said that smoking after a meal has no harm.

Misunderstanding 3: Friends chat, drink and smoke

Many people like to smoke while drinking. They think that friends must have good wine and good smoke, so that they have a good atmosphere. Both are indispensable. Drinking too much, lighting a cigarette, savoring it, seems to have a lot of fun. But you may not know that alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than drinking alone or smoking. Because alcohol dissolves in the smoke tar, it causes the carcinogen to transfer to the cell membrane. According to statistics, 70% of oral cancer is associated with both smoking and drinking. The most serious problem is that tobacco and alcohol at the same time make the liver metabolism function can only take into account the removal of alcohol and it is difficult to take care of other things, so that the toxic substances of tobacco stay in the human body for hours or even days, which increases the harm of tobacco to the body. Therefore, smoking during drinking is essentially a joke with health and life.

The above is the hazard of male smoking that experts have introduced for you. I believe everyone knows about the dangers of smoking. I hope that everyone can correctly understand smoking, quit smoking in a timely manner, and have a healthy body.