In our lives, men’s hair loss not only occurs in middle-

In our lives, men’s hair loss not only occurs in middle-aged and older male friends, but also shows a trend of youthfulness. Many men aged 20 and 30 are also prone to hair loss. Hair loss seriously affects the image of men. So, how can men prevent hair loss? Let us take a look at the ways men can prevent hair loss!

According to a network survey, men who are 20 to 40 years old have the most serious hair loss, 20 years earlier than the previous generation. Among the hair loss men, six adults started to lose hair before the age of 25, and some students started to lose hair just after attending high school. Experts advise: young people in their 20s will lose 150 cigarettes a day, so beware of hair loss. The suit, briefcase, and slightly bald forehead were once typical symbols of successful middle-aged people. But now, the “post-90s” youth around the age of 20 are also beginning to suffer from hair loss.

Men need to develop good habits to prevent hair loss

According to expert analysis, the age of hair loss is significantly advanced, which is actually a “modern disease” and has nothing to do with the lifestyle of modern people. Reasons for male hair loss: bad habits such as eating meat, staying up late, hairdressing and smoking.

How men can prevent hair loss, men’s methods to prevent hair loss are as follows:

First, life should be regular, not too tired, too nervous, appropriate relaxation, to ensure sleep time;

Second, the diet should be diversified, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat more foods that nourish Yin and moisten the lungs, such as sesame, honey, white fungus, walnuts, lilies, etc., spicy food should be eaten less;

Third, wash your hair frequently, the interval between shampooing is preferably 2~5 days. When you wash your hair, massage your scalp while rubbing your hair. Do not use strong degreasing or alkaline shampoo. Use hair conditioner.

Fourth, to make less hair, the wind blown by the hair dryer is high, which will damage the hair tissue and damage the scalp.

The above four points are the questions that men introduce to men how to prevent hair loss. If you need to know more about men’s ways to prevent hair loss, you can continue to pay attention to health online.