Many men said that the current pace of life is too

Many men said that the current pace of life is too fast and the pressure is getting bigger and bigger. These pressures come not only from life but also from work. So, how can men decompress? Let’s take a look at a few ways to decompress men!

Three sports help men relieve stress

How should men decompress? The method of men’s decompression is described as follows:

1. Sports for 30 minutes: Exercise is the best means of decompression. Zhao Jisheng, a professor at the School of Physical Education at Beijing Normal University, said that exercise produces “happy hormones” endorphins in the body and exercise for 30 minutes to an hour a day. Very helpful. Middle-aged men sometimes don’t like to communicate with people. They can use their sports opportunities to find friends to play, run, talk about troubles, and sweat while the pressure is thrown into the clouds.

2, often do three small moves: First, chewing gum, according to foreign studies, people feel the tension is closely related to the weakening of alpha brain waves, and chewing gum can cause the enhancement of alpha brain waves, help ease the mood . The second is to take a deep breath, inhale and expand the chest at the same time, and slowly close your lips to exhale, which can effectively ease the mood. The third is to pinch the ear and draw a circle, gently pull the earlobe with both hands, and draw a circle in the opposite direction, which is beneficial to the activity of the cerebral cortex and relieve stress.

3, more intake of three kinds of nutrition: research shows that when people are under greater pressure, the body will consume more than 8 times more vitamin C than usual, at this time, eat fresh dates, kiwi and other foods rich in vitamin C can balance the psychological . B vitamins have the reputation of “decompression agent”, which regulates endocrine and balances emotions. Calcium is a natural nerve stabilizer. If you encounter something that doesn’t go well, you may choose milk or egg yolk with high calcium content to calm your mood.

Reminder: In this society with increasing pressure on life, how to decompress men is very important. The above is a way for men to introduce decompression, I hope to help everyone.