For men, if you do not pay attention to genital hygiene, etc

For men, if you do not pay attention to genital hygiene, etc., it will easily lead to infection of the genitals. So, how do men prevent genital infections in their daily lives? What are the ways to prevent genital infections? Let’s take a look at the precautions for preventing genital infections.

Men need to be alert to genital infections

How do men prevent genital infections? Here is an introduction to the precautions for preventing genital infections:

Urethritis: Most of them are retrograde infections, that is, the direct invasion of bacteria into the urethra. In the acute phase, the patient presented with urethral mucosal congestion, edema, or ulceration, urethral redness, mucus or purulent secretion, urethral tenderness and hardening; severe cases may affect epididymis and spermatic cord. Take appropriate rest when you are sick, do not drink alcohol, and avoid sex.

Prostatitis: often caused by direct effects of urethritis, or acute inflammation of other tissues and organs caused by blood and lymphatic infection, is a common disease in young and middle-aged men. Acute prostatitis is anxious, mostly manifested as general weakness, lumbar pain, perineal and anal discomfort, accompanied by dysuria, frequent urination, urgency, and even hematuria. Some people have decreased libido, premature ejaculation or impotence. After the illness, you should pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, control sexual life, and adhere to treatment.

Epididymitis: caused by urethral stricture, benign prostatic hyperplasia, urethritis and tuberculosis and gonorrhea, caused by retrograde spread. The epididymis is closely attached to the posterolateral side of the testicle. It consists of an epididymis tube that is bent back. It has an important role in promoting sperm maturation, storing sperm and absorbing sperm. Therefore, both epididymis may cause infertility when there is lesion. Symptoms manifested in the acute phase are swelling and pain of the scrotum, which can involve the lower abdomen and the roots of the thighs, and it is inconvenient to walk.

Orchitis: caused by a variety of pathogenic bacteria and viruses through the blood, lymphatic vessels and vas deferens or epididymal pathways, of which orchitis caused by mumps is the most common. In the acute phase, the patient presents with redness and swelling of the scrotal skin and a significant bulging sensation when walking. If it is not treated properly in the acute phase, it can be converted to chronic orchitis. In the acute phase, you should rest in bed, adhere to treatment, and should prohibit sexual life, otherwise it will aggravate the condition.

The importance of preventing male reproductive infections in summer, through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the precautions against genital infections, if you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to the health online.