In life, you will find that many men have beer belly. The

In life, you will find that many men have beer belly. The man has a big belly and not only affects his personal image. Beer belly is also harmful to men’s health. So how do men lose weight when they have beer belly? What causes beer belly? What is the danger of letting beer belly grow for a long time?


How to reduce beer belly

First, exercise at least 30 minutes a day

When a boy appears in the beer belly, it will not only affect our physical health but also our appearance. At this time, we can use some methods to effectively reduce it. First, the elbows are held with both hands and the legs stand side by side. It is to take the elevator less and walk upstairs; the third is to be able to stand up and finish, it is best to stand and finish, such as waiting for someone, making a phone call, reading a newspaper, wearing shoes and socks. Standing a little on your toes, leaving your body in a state of tension. Experts also recommend that to reduce the fat on the stomach, it is best to strengthen the abdominal exercise in the case of strengthening the body movement.

Second, put water on the desk

When a male friend has such a problem, drinking water is also a solution. If you are hungry, we will habitually want to eat. At this time, we can drink some water to effectively solve the problem. Let the mental stress promote eating more; when you have mental stress, don’t pick up the food, but go out for a walk. Physical activity is more conducive to relieving mental stress than eating. It is best not to drink carbonated drinks.

Third, don’t eat outside

The reason for the appearance of beer belly is sometimes caused by diet. If you want to lose beer belly faster, then we should not eat outside at this time. The rice in the restaurant often contains more energy than the rice cooked in the restaurant. fat. Keep an eye out for restaurants that offer low-fat meals near your unit. Don’t go to fast food chains because there are very few low-fat foods to choose from.

Fourth, pay attention to the amount of alcohol

Alcohol contains high energy, which prevents the consumption of body fat and reduces the willpower. If you want to drink some wine, it is best to mix it with soda, drink plenty of water and low-energy drinks.

Five, smear the umbilical method

The obese person is lying on his back, the family is standing next to him, and Vaseline or cooking oil is applied to the surgery department to increase the effect of the technique. Press the palm of your hand and the root of the palm for 2 to 3 minutes in the abdomen. Then use the palm of your hand to make a clockwise press from the ascending colon, transverse colon, transverse colon, descending colon, and sigmoid colon. For about 3 to 4 minutes, the method is to diarrhea. Main; and can be used together with Pingbu Pingxie, this method can regulate gastrointestinal motility, spleen and dampness, and accelerate the decomposition of excess fat under the skin. At the same time, in the Zhongmu, Qihai, Moisture, Guanyuan, Uterus, Tianshu points, repeated points, press, dial, diarrhea, in order to achieve weight loss goals.

Six, lower abdomen fat finger pressure method

The abdomen is the main part of fat accumulation, while the male is mostly focused above the navel, while the female is mostly under the navel. If the abdomen is pressed down, the palm should be fully flexed and pressed vertically for 15 seconds; if the acupressure side When the abdomen is in the point, the palms should be fully bent and placed on the left and right flank, and pressed slowly for 15 seconds in the horizontal direction.

The harm of beer belly

If a male friend has a beer belly, it may cause obesity and affect his health. If the body fat is high in the middle age, the abdominal obesity (beer belly) increases with age. Abdominal obesity has been highly valued by the World Health Organization, because many countries have entered an aging society. If you do not pay attention to abdominal obesity, beer belly is likely to become one of the most dangerous killers affecting health.

Abdominal obesity may also accelerate aging, and it can also cause disease and threaten our lives. At present, more than 15 diseases leading to death have been directly related to abdominal obesity, including coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, breast cancer, liver and kidney failure. Previously, studies have shown that men who are quite “beer belly” have 8 times the probability of getting high blood pressure, 5 times that of normal men, 5 times more likely to have coronary heart disease, 7 times more likely to get diabetes, cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction. Diseases are also common in men with “beer belly”.

The reason for the beer belly

Sitting for a long time, lack of exercise

Many middle-aged people are prone to fat accumulation in the abdomen because they sit in the office for a long time and lack exercise. So if you have time, you can still move more and go to the gym. There is a beer belly, no matter the image is not good, it will bring about high blood pressure, diabetes and so on.

Drinking beer excessively

Drinking beer causes the main source of beer belly but not the beer itself. Because a bottle of beer is only about the equivalent of two big Fuji apples, or two cups of whole milk, or 2/3 bowls of white rice, so the calories are not particularly high. And these factors are what make beer work:

1, beer can promote appetite