Modern people have more and more living conditions, a

Modern people have more and more living conditions, and obese people have gradually increased. In fact, not only women love beauty, men also begin to pay attention to external images. Many men also have obesity troubles. Obesity not only affects beauty but also health. It is unfavorable. Where do men lose weight? What are the ways to lose weight for men? What is good for weight loss?


Men’s weight loss method

warm up

It is possible to practice five minutes of skipping, and it is best to have some changes in the speed and range of motion. Do two or three such exercises a week, and rest for 45 seconds after each action.

Supine car

Lying on the ground, hands behind your head, head and shoulders slightly lifted off the ground. Bend your left knee close to your chest, while turning your body to the left, use your right elbow to touch your left knee, then restore and change to the other side. Each side is an action, and 20 actions are a group.

Prone arm

Prone on the ground, one leg straight, the toe against the ground, the other leg bent naturally and placed on the ground. Hold a mineral water bottle in each hand, alternately push up and pull down, and keep your legs still. When doing your movements, be careful to keep your back and neck in a straight line. Each hand is pushed once for one action, and 15 actions are grouped.

Weight-bearing bow

You can find a box or a few boards, put one foot on it, the other foot step forward a big step, and both hands drag a heavy object on the chest to do the push-up and pull-down actions. The legs are bent, the lungs are lowered, and then restored. A set of 15 actions.

Sliding push ups

Needless to say, push-ups will be when you go to middle school. Here we will talk about a push-up that is more difficult: pad a piece of paper or a piece of cloth under the palms of both hands – to reduce the coefficient of friction, while holding up the body, slowly slide the two hands relatively, close together, Then restore the body and hands. How about, this time is not so easy? 20 is a group.

Single leg support

Find a chair, hold your hands on the edge of the seat, support the weight of the upper body, bend one leg, and stretch one leg forward. Support with the strength of the arms and one leg, slowly lower the body until the upper arm is parallel to the ground, and then slowly restore. A set of 15 actions completes a set of legs.

Sleeping legs

In a push-up position, but put the two armlets flat on the ground, lock the shoulder joints and keep the spine straight. Lift the left and right hands at the same time, straighten and lift off the ground for about 3 seconds, then restore. The 20 actions are grouped together, completing one set for the other side of the leg and arm.

Load side lift

Stand upright, with your feet apart and shoulder width, with one bucket of water in each hand (weight depends on individual circumstances). Slightly bend your elbows and slowly lift the bucket to the shoulder height in a side-lifting position for a few seconds, then slowly lower your arms. Note: It must be slow when moving and restoring, otherwise the exercise effect can only be folded in half. 15 actions are a group.

What do men lose weight?


The banana is sweet and cold, and it can clear the heat and laxative, hangover and reduce blood pressure, and quench the thirst and remove the trouble. It has a good effect on the lungs and the intestines.

Many people think that bananas are too high in sugar content and too rich in fat content. In fact, bananas are rich in nutrients, contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, and are easily absorbed by the body. They will not only increase fat, but also have the effect of losing weight.

Bananas are all treasures. Eating bananas can make people’s skin soft and shiny, and their eyes are bright. It can prevent stroke and high blood pressure, and can lower blood pressure and protect blood vessels. Scientists have confirmed that eating two bananas a day for a week can reduce blood pressure by 10%. If a person eats 5 bananas a day, the antihypertensive effect is equivalent to 50% of the daily dose of antihypertensive drugs.


Apple is sweet, sour, and flat. It has the functions of thirst, thirst, lungs, spleen and stomach, nourishing the heart, nourishing the intestines, stopping diarrhea, relieving heat, sobering and lowering blood cholesterol.

Apple weight loss can make people’s digestive system fully rest, restore its original function, and make the function work properly. Apple loses weight and reduces the amount of calories ingested by the body. Insufficient parts require the body’s accumulated heat supply.

Winter melon

Winter melon is a kind of vegetable. It has no side effects. Because of its large size, it is also a kind of satiety good food, which can relieve the hunger when people lose weight. Therefore, dieters choose to eat melon during the weight loss process. It will be very wise.