If a woman has cervical disease and needs surgery, she must pa

If a woman has cervical disease and needs surgery, she must pay attention to some post-operative methods. The uterus is very important for women. If you do not take effective care, it will cause more damage. Therefore, you should pay attention to conditioning. Method, then how to maintain after cervical conization


1, prevent infectio

Cervical conization is an operation. There is a wound in the cervix. After many other operations, infection may occur after surgery. Therefore, it is imperative to prevent infection. Appropriate application of antibiotics is needed.

2, alert to bleeding

Worry-free network reminds that vaginal bleeding may occur within three weeks after surgery, especially within one week. Moreover, under normal circumstances, within two or three weeks after surgery, the vagina will have a greater amount of drainage, the drainage can be pink, and sometimes there will be a small amount of vaginal bleeding, which is normal, if the amount of bleeding is less than the amount of menstruation You can rest in bed and use hemostatic drugs reasonably; whenever the amount of vaginal bleeding is more than the amount of menstruation, especially when accompanied by blood clots, you should go to your hospital for surgery to find your surgeon. If you are not in time, you may have major bleeding. Even hemorrhagic shock, even in critical cases, endangers life.


3, keep the vulva clean


Because of the vaginal discharge after surgery, keeping the vulva clean can not be ignored. However, vaginal washing and bathing are not recommended for the first two or three weeks after surgery because it is not only prone to wound infection, but also increases the risk of bleeding. During the hospital stay, the patient may be properly scrubbed, and the vulva may be kept dry outside the hospital. The discharged liquid may be wiped with a toilet paper. You can wash the shower, but the time must not be too long, otherwise, the risk of bleeding from the cervical wound increases.


4, the first menstrual situation after surgery


Although the incidence is not high, cervical adhesion may occur after cervical conization. If the expected vaginal bleeding during menstruation is not much, but the abdominal pain is obvious, suggesting that cervical adhesion may occur, you should consult your doctor.


Everyone needs to pay attention to the maintenance method, but also pay more attention to rest, maintain a good attitude, do not overwork, prevent infection, keep the vulva clean, and at the same time do a light diet, only pay attention to these details of life, can avoid causing greater influences.