Usually you need to carry out proper maintenance, you

Usually you need to carry out proper maintenance, you should pay attention to reducing abortion and reasonable diet, smoking and drinking, the best way to maintain the ovaries and uterus is to pay attention to a reasonable diet, eat more carrots, but also pay attention to Keep a good mood and be sure to reduce the flow of people.


Carcinogens in cigarettes seem to have a special preference, and they are most preferably selectively concentrated in cervical mucus. Therefore, long-term smoking will increase the risk of uterine suffering by 15 times! Passive smoking will bring similar consequences. Therefore, for uterine health, smoking cessation is the most important.

6, quit smoking and alcohol

Lemon is strongly alkaline and contains a lot of vitamin C, which can effectively enhance the immunity of female uterus. In the morning, the body has the best absorption of citric acid, so drinking a cup of hot lemonade every morning can improve the immunity of the uterus. Be careful, be sure to drink hot.

5, drink lemonade

It is also very effective to do a few warm exercises every week. The knees are naturally separated, kneeling on the mat or bed, the waist is bent forward straight, and the chest needs to be as close as possible to the mat or bed for a few minutes. Then lie down, do a tummy hip exercise, and keep your hips in the air for 3-5 minutes.

4, try to do warm palace exercises

High-fat foods may promote the production and release of some hormones if consumed too much. Therefore, if the uterus is maintained, women should try to avoid eating too much high-fat food, stick to a low-fat diet, and eat less spicy or cold food to ensure a balanced diet.

3, eat less fatty foods

There are a lot of sports items, and there are better walking and swimming for the uterus. You can try to walk half an hour every day, which will effectively increase the speed of blood circulation in the uterus. Swimming once or twice a week can not only improve the ability to contract the uterus, but also maintain the temperature in the uterus.

2, proper physical exercise

Ovarian uterus maintenance 4 precautions, pregnant mother must see, easy and good pregnancy does not worry!!

This is the biggest cause of uterine damage, which will inevitably damage the endometrium during the operation. Therefore, if there is no plan for pregnancy, the contraceptive measures must be done well. Abortion has a great impact on the body, so be sure to avoid it and be responsible for your own body.

1, artificial abortion should be avoided

The ovaries and uterus are very important for women. We must pay attention to maintenance in order to make women look healthier and more beautiful. If the uterus and ovaries are sick, it will seriously affect life, so we must pay attention to the maintenance methods. Usually reasonable massage, pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva, then what are the ovarian uterus maintenance items?