Animal experiments have shown that low-fat di

Animal experiments have shown that low-fat dietary intake is difficult to cause an animal model of obesity. People who have never restricted eating have also found that when providing high-fat foods, subjects need to consume more energy to meet their appetite




requirements; while high-carbohydrate and low-fat foods, they consume less energy. It can satisfy the appetite. Therefore, eating carbohydrate-rich foods, such as rice noodles, is not easy to cause excess energy and will not gain weight. It is also recommended that a cup of mulberry leaf tea between the two meals is also very helpful for weight control.

People who lose weight rarely eat staple foods. They think that eating staple foods is easy to gain weight. They think that carbohydrate-rich foods such as rice, noodles, and potatoes will make people fat. This is not correct. The real cause of obesity is excess energy. Among the three types of nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein and fat, fat is more likely to cause excess energy than carbohydrates. Lg carbohydrates or proteins produce about 17kJ (4kcal) energy in the body, while 1g fat produces about 38kJ (9kcal) energy, which means that the same weight of fat is about 2.2 times the energy provided by carbohydrates. In addition, compared with carbohydrates and protein, fat-rich foods taste good and stimulate people’s appetite, making it easier for people to consume more energy.

Can you really lose weight without eating staple food?

Liposuction is not suitable for obesity of systemic homogeneity, obesity caused by disease, or obesity of medication. It is only suitable for people who are physically healthy but have localized fat accumulation. Because it only reduces the local volume to get the improvement in body shape, there is not much change in body weight. Moreover, the biggest killer for physical health is visceral fat, and liposuction does not reduce the fat of our internal organs. Moreover, it is not possible to perform surgery at the same time in multiple parts. Because of the loss of body fluids, there is a limit to the reduction of the third gap (within 3000-4000 ml), and cardiovascular disease may be induced once it exceeds.

Liposuction can also be equal to weight loss?

I believe that most obese people have used dieting to lose weight, but long-term dieting can lead to lack of nutrients. Although obese people have a lot of fat to burn, many trace elements cannot be stored by the human body to meet the needs of the human body. In the long run, this will cause the decline of the body’s immune system function, slow down metabolism, and accelerate the aging of the human body. Will cause a rebound, which may lead to more puffiness and even cause some diseases.

Dieting weight loss is reliable?

Can you lose weight without eating staple food?

As the saying goes, women’s lives are endless and weight loss is not limited. It can be seen that weight loss is a project of modern women for a lifetime! But now the weight loss methods are varied, such as: dieting weight loss, vegan weight loss, drug weight loss, day and night weight loss, enema weight loss, exercise weight loss, etc., in the end, are these weight loss methods correct?