The most important thing is that “Prince Ed

The most important thing is that “Prince Edward’s Promotion” also reveals the most secretive desire of girls, not only to sleep with men, but also to curious about women’s bodies, to touch


other women. Although Xiao Bian also has the same feeling, but think of the more flesh on the waist, calmly go to the cup of mulberry leaf lotus leaf tea, silently concealed.

Throughout the whole drama, it is no longer possible to use Mary Sue or Jack Sue to describe the record of the woman. So I know that this drama is a fire. The appearance of the goddess plus the heart of the man; no feelings, no twists, no entanglement. I want to touch and touch, dare to love and hate. The female lord also did everything the girl wanted to do, to use the female superior way to go to the man, and to use sleep to express love. “I can think of the most romantic thing, is to unlock all postures with you.”

Four scorpions, one with a beautiful face, one with a long leg, one with a big chest, and one with a sigh of sorrow… Just so “唰” stood in front of him and directly looked at the female host to live hard. So she developed a variety of games and played with her nephews. Touch this leg and rub the chest. Whenever I see this, Xiaobian will unconsciously look down at herself, the fat on the waist, the flat airport on the chest, and the special ones want to ask, are they so good, they are drinking and losing weight. The mulberry leaf lotus leaf tea and the papaya Pueraria tea? Hey~~ It’s all tears, or continue to smudge it…

Very low and filthy “Prince Edwards promotion” fire, it is said that the era of female superiors

For the nephews of the harem, the female lord is holding a woman who is suffering from a woman. After decades, she is not going to dance in the square together. The card is not played at all. Say good palace fighting, have changed the style of painting, our female lord, happily, fart and fart, to tune the enemy! !

For the hedge, the female lord has never wavered. “Reassured, baby, you are the spring tea, I am the water that just boiled, I want to soak you!” So, remember, don’t want to be Miss Sleeping is not a good palace girl~~~

Why do you say that? Because this is the drama of the female upper class. The female lord is the total attack of the whole drama. Looking at the whole drama, all the characters in it are only divided into two types, she wants to soak and she wants to marry. Whether it is treating scorpions, scorpions, or men in the drama.

Very low and filthy “Prince Edwards promotion” fire, it is said that the era of female superiors

During this time, the Pa Ping drama was wrapped up in “Prince Edward’s promotion”, although the plot is a lot of slots, but also dirty and rot, but it is still hot. Whether it is because of its high value, or whether it wears a woman, or if it is bl and bg and gl, it is not necessary. In Xiaobian’s view, the reason why it is so hot is because of the era of women’s superiority.