The peanuts in the three red porridge are nutriti

The peanuts in the three red porridge are nutritious and inexpensive civilian foods. Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine has called peanuts longevity fruit, and is also known as plant meat. Because peanuts contain such as fat, dietary fiber, protein, various trace


elements, for women, it has the effect of nourishing blood, nourishing blood and milk. Peanut stewed pig’s trotters is an important food for many women after childbirth.

Peanut is rich in nutrients, nourishing blood and nourishing blood.

For women with healthy bodies, blood and blood can be carried out at the same time. The promotion of blood circulation refers to the promotion of blood circulation. The cold hands and feet of women are not good, and they are basically related to poor blood circulation and anemia. Drink a bowl of three red porridge every night. The materials of the three red porridge are peanuts, red dates and black fungus. Not only can the blood and the hands and feet be cold, but also the spleen and stomach and beauty.

One bowl of three red porridge per day, blood and blood circulation

The diet authority Wang Xiaozhai, a Chinese medicine doctor, pointed out in his book “Eating Healthy Self-Healing Power” that for women who have lost blood every month, blood supplementation is a lifelong matter. However, for girls with poor meridians and poor blood circulation, it is not enough to supplement blood. It is also necessary to activating blood to clear the pipeline. It is necessary to “clear up” first, then clear it before it can be replenished. If it is not clear, it should be supplemented first. More nutrients, instead of increasing the burden, it is difficult to transform the blood needed by adults.

Drinking three red porridge after menstruation, not only blood, but also blood circulation

After a large blood loss during menstruation, is it often weak and pale, always reminded to blood to nurse the body? However, Chinese medicine practitioners reminded that for women with poor blood circulation, they must first activate blood before blood-filling. When blood circulation is smooth, the nutrients that are eaten can be smoothly converted into blood needed by the human body. It is recommended to drink a bowl of three red porridge every night, not only can blood, blood circulation can be carried out at the same time, but also to spleen and stomach, beauty and beauty.