The shooter man can’t accept the fact that his gir

The shooter man can’t accept the fact that his girlfriend is very thin, especially when he is thin and weak, and he seems to be blown away at any time. Many shooter men also like sports, like to travel, like to run around, if the girlfriend is a few steps away, it will faint when running, it will soon be shot by the shooter.


Fourth place: shooter male

Some Cancer men are happy about their wives’ pregnancy, and they like to see the feeling of maternal radiance in their wives. It is very difficult for a girl who is too thin to exude such a feature with a bit of maternal love, and Cancer King will feel that this is like malnutrition, how to take care of the child’s body in the future…

Some Cancer men’s plots in this regard will be reflected in their requirements for the size of girls, such as the chest must be very full, which is not necessarily because of the visual needs of wearing clothes to look very good, but the male Love this motherhood symbol.

Among the twelve constellations, Cancer male is a male who is more likely to have an Oedipus plot.

Third place: Cancer Male

One more point is greasy, one less is thin, they ask for a good figure, some Scorpio men even ask for a girlfriend’s cup, how much the waist should be controlled, too fat or too thin, Scorpio There is really no way for men.

Scorpio is a typical “sex machine”, and of course there will be expectations for the other half. In the eyes of Scorpio, although the costumes of the machine can make him “satisfied”, but for Scorpio, it is still full of life. (laugh)

Second place: Tian Yu Nan

Why is this? Jinniu men who are not good at expressing feelings tend to use gestures to show love. Hug is a favorite action of many Taurus men. Too thin girls will make Jinniu men feel very thin, as if people feel that life is hard and not full. It’s not real to hold it. In addition, Jin Niu male attaches great importance to the women’s career line, and the thin body should not enter the eyes of Jin Niu.

Many Jinniu men are girls who like a bit of flesh. They don’t like girls who are as thin as paper. It doesn’t mean that Jinniu men love to get fat, but Jinniu men prefer body-building girls, sunshine, Lively, meaty places must have meat. “The point is that you can feel it when you hold it up.”

First place: Jin Niu Nan

I often see some rumors on the Internet. For example, “The girl still needs a little meat, so it is like a girl.” The straight man’s aesthetic, today, who is the most sporty and sensual (relative) For girls who are more dry and dry).
Although everyone’s answer to this question, the final answer is “I like my favorite girl.” “Two people together are of course the most important thing, not about the body”, but in the girls who are more concerned about words and deeds. In the eyes, I might think that this is a particularly important issue. Many girls have listened to the words of the goddess, “I think you are a little fat,” so I practiced fitness.

When boys get together, they have to ask each other some boring questions. For example: What kind of girls do you like, are you fat or thin? Sometimes they will discuss this problem with friends of the opposite sex. It’s very “eight women”!