Fitness change is a long-term thi

Fitness change is a long-term thing. Fitness is a way of life. If you stick to it, you will get a good change. It is not just the body, your life, your friends will be positively influenced by you.
Do not think too much. Your fat is not fattened two days a day. The changes in the body are all in accordance with the laws of body growth.

6. Is there any way to lose 20 pounds in January?

Fitness is a time-consuming thing. It is a normal rest for 3 days without training. It is necessary to take a few days to relax and rest in the first month. Then exercise again, don’t believe that if you don’t practice for 3 days, you will lose your muscles. The muscles don’t go up two days a day.

During the menstrual period, girls are not recommended to do strenuous exercise, especially in the first 3 days, it is recommended to rest (if you have to ask what you can do, it is recommended to go slowly). After the few days, depending on your physical condition, do your best, don’t be hard. support. Some girls are afraid that if they don’t practice for 3 days, they will gain weight and lose muscle.

5. Menstrual period can also be exercised.

The sugar content of fruits is very high. The essence of weight loss is that calories are more than calories. You eat less staple food, but the calorie of the fruit has already exceeded the intake of staple food. This is why some people’s staple foods are obviously reduced, why not thin? Because the fruit eats more. Haha

4. Don’t eat, you can eat fruit when you are hungry.

For example, a big fat man, after she lost weight, she could not change her chest circumference, and other places changed. Most of the chest is fat. It is very normal to consume during the weight loss process. There is a way to help. There is no such method as local fat reduction, but it can be locally muscled. It is to slim down and then shape the muscles for local application.

Give everyone a common sense: there is no such thing as a partial fat loss method. The most effective way to lose weight is actually aerobic exercise (running, swimming, spinning, aerobics, etc.). Lose weight, thin are all thin together, so there will be a lot of weight loss, others said, you lost a circle.

3. I want only a thin stomach, only thin arms, only stovepipe!!

Growing up muscles requires conditions. If you don’t say anything else, you can say that it is mainly 3 points, androgen, a large number of training methods, and high protein intake. Men and women have different physical conditions. In terms of male hormones, there are very few girls, so don’t worry. If it is really so good, those girls who play the game don’t have to eat so much bitterness. They have been practicing for many years, and many even eat drugs that supplement androgen. So don’t worry, pay attention to exercise methods, try to do 15~20 times each time. A small number of groups.

Some people will think that girls’ fitness will become as big as a boy, but it won’t.

2. Girls practice equipment will grow muscles, I don’t want to

It is a good thing to lose weight, but don’t destroy your body so much. Proper diet control is not to let you not eat, but to let everyone eat vegetables, carbon water and protein together, and make a reasonable and nutritious diet. I suggest that you eat all three meals a day, but you should choose something to eat.

1. Lose weight mainly depends on not eating, relying on being hungry

Today, I would like to share some of the more common problems, which are the common misunderstandings and problems of the so-called girls’ fitness. I hope to share them with more people and have some help for more fitness whites.