For the correct walking posture, pay more atte

For the correct walking posture, pay more attention when walking every day! But be careful to walk safely, don’t patronize your walking posture and forget to watch the traffic lights.
Walking is an effective way to slimen your legs. Try to make 30 minutes of walking every day (to work or buy things). When walking, your back is straight, relaxed, your knees are straight, and your center of gravity is moved from your legs to your toes. It can increase the amount of activity in the calf and make the legs stronger and slender. The correct walking posture should be raised to the chest, the abdomen hips, the upper body does not swing too large arc, use the strength of the waist and legs, take the pace to make the body forward. With a bit of breathing and not sweating, you can achieve the effect of exercise.

The correct walking posture:

Women’s wrong walking posture 5, the inner eight-word walking: Many Japanese women are inside the eight-character walking, it looks very cute! But you know that this kind of internal eight-word walking will cause o-legs for a long time.

Women’s wrong walking posture 4, walking on the tiptoe: the person walking on tiptoe, in fact, is intended to make the pace more beautiful. Excessive force on the toes will cause the knees to exert too much force on the calves because of the force of the toes, which can easily lead to radish legs.

Female wrong walking posture 3, outside eight characters walking: Have you seen the way of the underworld on TV? Yes, that is the outer eight-word move. If you have the habit of walking outside the character, then please note that the outer eight-word move will make the knees outward, the feeling is not temperament, the leg shape will become ugly, and even the x-legs will be produced.

Women’s wrong walking posture 2. Pressing the foot: It is very similar to kicking, but the way to press the foot is to walk on the ground with the feet longer than the person who walks. When you walk, the weight of the body will be pressed on the toes and then lifted up. If this continues for a long time, it will lead to the development of the muscles of the calves, and there will be annoying radish legs.

Women’s wrong walking posture 1. Kicking away: Some people have a habit of kicking away because they are afraid of dirty water or dirt on the ground to stain shoes or pants. When you kick, the body will lean forward. When you walk, only the toes will kick to the ground, then the knee will bend and the heel will be lifted up. Therefore, when walking, the waist is rarely exerted, much like walking a small step. If you have the habit of kicking, then it is best to be careful not to make the whole leg fat.

What are the wrong walking postures for women:

Wrong walking is an important cause of female leg deformation

In life, we can observe that many women walk in the way of using the eight characters. This kind of walking posture is not only unsightly, but also easily causes leg deformation. So, what is the correct walking posture? What are the wrong walking postures of women in daily life?