Everyone should pay attention to these

Everyone should pay attention to these methods, effectively carry out nursing, and avoid causing more impacts and harms. These treatment methods should be carefully understood. It is necessary to pay attention to clearing up the lochia, otherwise it will cause more harm. I hope everyone pays attention to these methods. Beware. Women suffer more. Be sure to pay attention to conditioning matters in order to make your body healthier.
(3) The diet should be light and nutritious, and the qi deficiency can eat chicken soup, longan soup, jujube soup, etc. Bloody people can eat fresh oysters, pears, cucumbers, watermelons, tomatoes and other fruits. But generally should be careful to eat cold, spicy things.

(2) The cold temperature should be appropriate, and the qi deficiency syndrome and blood stasis syndrome should pay attention to keep warm and avoid the invasion of cold evil. Keep the perineum clean and sit in warm water or 1:5000 potassium permanganate solution every night.

(1) The indoor air should be circulated, and the turbid gas should be removed to facilitate the early recovery of the body’s blood. Encourage the maternal get up early to help the blood and blood, so that the embers accumulated in the palace can be discharged as soon as possible.

Precautions for postpartum lochia

The lochia can be treated with folk prescriptions or traditional Chinese medicine. Poor uterine contraction, can take motherwort. Take 2 to 3 two each time, add brown sugar and decocted water. Motherwort can promote blood circulation, regulate menstruation, detoxification, so it has become a special medicine for obstetrics and gynecology, especially for uterine contractions.

If you find that vaginal bleeding is more or longer, or if the blood has odor, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible; if the situation is not serious or there is no abnormality, uterine tract and antibiotics can be used. If the condition is severe or a placental residue is found, a uterine cure should be performed with antibiotics to remove the residue to promote contractions. If the residue stays for too long, you can perform the uterine cure under B-ultrasound and try to clean it once.

In the postpartum period, the lochia will be ruled out, otherwise it will cause a lot of influence, but many women have a bad loze. If the lochia is not exhausted, it will cause women to have diseases and have a big smell, which is related to blood deficiency and qi deficiency. There is a relationship that will cause intrauterine infection, so what about postpartum lochia?