How long does it take for postpartum co

How long does it take for postpartum contractions? Now that everyone knows it? It usually takes five days, but during this time, everyone must pay attention to the mitigation method, effectively change their posture, relieve pain, avoid affecting the mood, and also pay attention to Keep a good attitude so you can avoid more damage.
4. If the contraction pain affects rest and sleep, the medical staff should be notified and a mild sedative can be used to relieve the pain if necessary. 5, to divert attention, massage, deep inhalation to eliminate maternal nervousness and improve tolerance to pain.

3, hot compress hot water bag with a small abdomen, apply for half an hour each time.

2, massage the lower abdomen in the initial days after childbirth, you or your family can use the palm of your hand to help the woman to make a ring massage, until the part is hardened to promote the discharge of residual substances in the uterine cavity; when the pain is severe, massage can make The uterine muscles temporarily relax and relieve pain.

1. Change the sleeping position to let the maternal side sleep, avoid standing or sedentary for a long time, in order to reduce the pain in the part. It is also helpful to give the maternal buttocks a cushion when sitting.

Postpartum contractions take about five days. In the early stage of calving, due to contractions, the paroxysmal severe pain in the lower abdomen is called postpartum uterine contraction pain. Postpartum uterine contraction pain usually occurs 1 to 2 days after delivery, and disappears naturally after 2 to 4 days. It is more common in maternal women. Increased secretion of reflex oxytocin during breastfeeding can exacerbate pain. Generally, women can endure this kind of pain. For severe cases, the following methods can be used to relieve pain:

Women will have work when they have children. In fact, there will be contractions in the postpartum period, and there will be severe pain or paroxysmal pain, which is caused by postpartum contractions, and will be 1 to 2 days after delivery. Appeared, it will disappear after two or three days, but the work situation afterwards can be tolerated.