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Premature ejaculation has a very bad influence on men, which not only affects the health of the body, but also affects the quality of pregnancy and affects the marital relationship. It is recommended that male friends find that premature ejaculation must be taken seriously, handled in a timely manner, and not shy. This is the same as taking a medicine with a cold. It is a cure for a disease, and it will be cured.
3, premature ejaculation is not treated in time can lead to erectile dysfunction. Male experts said that some patients with premature ejaculation due to inability to treat in time, or because of one or two premature ejaculation, caused mental fear, anxiety, and even considered to be sexual function failure, will further aggravate the condition, resulting in impotence and other erections Dysfunction is worth the loss.

2. The effect of premature ejaculation on mental factors. Experts say that premature ejaculation can lead to mental fatigue and affect work. Experts say that patients with premature ejaculation usually have mouth bitter throat, yellow urine, turbidity, itching, red tongue, yellow coat, pulse string, and will be accompanied by lack of energy, fatigue, night uneasiness, fine Thin and cold, palpitations and other symptoms affect work and life.

1. Affect the life of the couple, the family and the family. Experts pointed out that premature ejaculation hidden danger exists in sexual life, often the wife does not feel sexual pleasure, and in the long run will become a hidden danger of family breakdown.

Premature ejaculation can affect sexual life, and every time you can not take semen into the woman’s vagina, sperm can rarely enter the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, it can cause infertility. Then, in addition to causing infertility, where is the danger of premature ejaculation?

Experts said that premature ejaculation will affect sexual life, resulting in low quality of sexual life, but has no effect on the quality of sperm. It should be noted that premature ejaculation has no effect on the sperm quality of men, but it may still cause male infertility. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the timely treatment of premature ejaculation. It is best to supplement the broken wall card in time, to nourish the kidney and kidney, improve the quality of sperm, and help prepare for pregnancy. The discovery of premature ejaculation in a timely manner can effectively avoid frequent occurrences.

Premature ejaculation symptoms are common in men, which is what many male friends have experienced. There are still many male friends who don’t understand the common sense of premature ejaculation, so there are many questions.

Does premature ejaculation affect sperm quality?  How to do pregnancy preparation

Premature ejaculation is a common disease of men, affecting the daily lives of many male friends. Then, the pregnant person must be asked to ask: What is the impact of premature ejaculation? Will it affect sperm quality? Below, let’s take a look at the expert’s detailed explanation.