Summary: Pregnant mothers are very unco

Summary: Pregnant mothers are very uncomfortable in the first three months after pregnancy. During this time, pregnant mothers should adjust their mentality and find a suitable mitigation method. In normal times, to change your eating habits, the bad habits of the past should be changed as soon as possible, knowing that this will only harm the baby and himself.
After getting up in the morning, don’t add vitamins immediately. Pregnant mothers are better off taking vitamins after eating some food. Of course, you can take it before going to bed at night.

8. Do not add vitamins on an empty stomach

Vitamin B6 can relieve the symptoms of morning sickness. It is recommended to take 10-25mg every day for 3 times. It is best not to take vitamin B6 or any other supplements without a doctor.

7. Vitamin B6 supplementation

Ginger-containing foods can make your stomach a little more comfortable. And the practice is very simple, just chop the ginger, brew with hot water, and make yourself a cup of ginger tea.

6. Eat food with ginger

Pregnant mothers should not drink too fast, drink too much water, and the stomach can’t hold other foods that can prevent morning sickness. So pregnant mothers can drink a small mouth. If the morning sickness is frequent, then the pregnant mother should try to drink some sports drinks containing glucose, salt and potassium to supplement the electrolytes missing in the body.

5. Drinking water

If the pregnant mother responds significantly to the hot food, it is recommended that the pregnant mother can wait for the cold to eat, or eat warm food.

4. Eat cold food

High-fat, spicy, fried foods, pregnant mothers are best to eat less. This type of food is easy to stimulate the digestive system and increase your digestion time.

3. High-fat foods should not be eaten

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to eat, pregnant mothers can eat it in different times. Eat a little at a time. If you can’t really eat it, your pregnant mom can eat some snacks, but you can’t have an empty stomach. You should know that the fasting is the most likely to cause nausea.

2. Eat less and eat more

Some pregnant mothers are particularly sensitive to certain foods. Avoid eating or smelling foods or smells that are disgusting during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can eat things that have an appetite, which is better than not eating anything.

Don’t force yourself


Most pregnant mothers will have varying degrees of vomiting during pregnancy, often spit out when they just eat. Then, in the face of expectant mothers with morning sickness, how to relieve the symptoms of morning sickness? Xiaobian introduces several methods for everyone, hoping to solve the symptoms of morning sickness.