During pregnancy, you must choose food ca

During pregnancy, you must choose food carefully, because many things will have adverse effects on fetal development. Pregnant women should try to avoid raw meat, cooked meat, raw fish, raw aquatic shellfish, contaminated fish, barbecue seafood, mercury-containing fish


, unclean fruits and vegetables, unpasteurized milk and cheese, and raw eggs. Pregnant women should bear in mind these foods that should be avoided. If they are not eaten carefully, they may affect the health of the fetus.

4. Don’t eat these foods

Try to avoid using refined sugar or artificial sweeteners during pregnancy, and supplement your body with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, healthy fats (such as fat-rich fish and avocados), and carbohydrates (such as whole grains). Healthy protein (such as fish, eggs, white meat), you will give your child a good start. Pregnant women should also avoid alcohol and reduce caffeine intake, which may lead to increased risk of miscarriage. In the same way, to ensure that your body intakes enough vitamin D, in addition to enjoying the sun, you can also eat foods rich in vitamin D, such as fortified milk or soy milk, cultured dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Fat-rich fish such as salmon and trout also provide large amounts of vitamin D. It helps strengthen the baby’s brain and prevent postpartum depression.

3. Foods to be selected during pregnancy

For pregnant women , healthy eating habits can reduce the risk of pregnancy diabetes, pregnancy toxemia, fattening and high blood pressure. Adequate research has shown that undernourished eating habits are one of the main causes of pregnancy-induced toxemia. Pregnancy toxemia is a very serious disease that can cause a series of complications in mothers and babies. In order to avoid the occurrence of this disease, the intake of essential nutrients must be guaranteed during pregnancy.

2. Benefits for mom

Studies have shown that pregnant women’s diet imbalance will lead to increased risk of diabetes and heart disease in the future, and eating too much sweets during pregnancy will also cause harm to unborn babies, especially for babies. Similarly, if the diet of a pregnant woman is mostly low-calorie or low-nutrient, it will also harm the brain of the newborn baby, and may cause the child’s behavior disorder in the future, and even reduce the child’s IQ.

1. Benefits for your baby


When you are pregnant with your baby, you should always pay attention to your diet. Pregnant mothers must not only know how to avoid harmful foods, but also know which foods are good for their children. Therefore, eating habits during pregnancy are crucial for your baby’s growth. Let us look at the benefits of a healthy diet during pregnancy!