e bitter food. While stimulating the taste buds,

When people’s appetite drops, you can eat some bitter food. While stimulating the taste buds, it can increase the body’s immunity and digestive system circulation. In addition to improving appetite, bitter foods can improve internal circulation, enhance immunity and resistance. Eat


some bitter foods during pregnancy, as well as cool and fire. Therefore, expectant mothers can properly eat some bitter melon, bitter vegetables and other foods during pregnancy, which will help mother and baby health.

4. Eat some bitter food

There is a wide slang in Western language: eclipse, an apple, the doctor is away from me. The reason why prospective moms don’t think about diet is probably because of indigestion. Apple is rich in nutrients and can improve the digestive system. Eating an apple a day can help improve the digestive system, and it can also be a good nutrient. It can be said that it is a lot of benefits. And apple is a warm fruit, it will not affect the mother and the fetus any more, can eat often, eat every day.

3. A lot of apples have a lot of benefits every day.

What if you don’t want to eat after pregnancy? Try to eat less. If you don’t want to eat, you should eat less, and then increase the number of meals, which can meet the nutritional needs. If the three meals are repeated frequently, it is said that the mother is pregnant, and the average person will also lose appetite. Therefore, when family members prepare food for prospective moms, they should spend more time thinking about it. In addition, proper matching of fruits and vegetables will also help to improve the appetite of the expectant mothers and achieve better results.

2. It is a good idea to eat less and eat more.

After pregnancy, women will have symptoms such as lethargy and not thinking about diet due to pregnancy reaction. Some families only need to protect the panda level as soon as they are pregnant. The road will not allow more steps. This will not help the pregnancy, but it will have adverse effects. Proper exercise after pregnancy helps women improve their mood and helps the expectant mothers digest the systemic circulation, thereby improving bad appetite.

1. Exercise brings good mood and good appetite


Pregnant mothers should find that eating habits have changed a lot since pregnancy. I didn’t like eating before eating, and I often see what foods are not good. What should I do if I have no appetite during pregnancy? Let you have a good appetite!