Of course, everyday routines are also essential.

Of course, everyday routines are also essential. For example, the brightness of reading light, the brightness of computer screens, sitting posture, etc., all affect our eyes. Have a good daily eye habit, pay attention to the rest of the eyes, do not stay up late, so our eye fatigue will naturally be alleviated.
Daily habit

It is the key to solving eye fatigue. Carrots are a well-known food for our vision. In fact, cheese, bananas and blueberries also contain a lot of elements that help our vision. Matching these foods in your daily life can effectively alleviate our eye strain.

Daily nutrition mix

For office workers who use computers for a long time, they should relax their eyes every hour to prevent eye fatigue. Eye care can effectively prevent and relieve dryness and soreness in the eyes. In fact, with eye drops can better relieve fatigue and dryness.

Eye exercises

Farsightedness is the most common method of mitigating eye fatigue. Standing by the window, open the window, the green plants outside the eyes, soothe the eye muscles, then look into the distance far away, and then, after a few seconds, regain your gaze and turn to the nearby green vegetation.

Far from


Nowadays, the office workers spend an average of 8 hours on the computer every day, so that the long-term staring at the computer is very harmful to the eyes. Once the eyes are hurt, it is difficult to recover, but due to work, you can’t avoid the daily With the computer, therefore, Xiaobian recommends some tips for eye protection, so that your eyes are no longer hurt!