Exercise regularly, strengthen the body, im

Exercise regularly, strengthen the body, improve immunity, the body is the cost, only the body is good, you may have a better life. Nothing to walk, dance, they are all good decompression methods to help you get rid of anxiety at work, but to go swimming, playing or walking, all contribute to the body and mind!
Enhance physical exercise

You can talk to your family or friends about the unhappiness you encounter at work. As the saying goes, share happiness, double happiness, share distress, and distress halve; of course, you can go to an empty, unmanned place to shout and use it to relieve Depressed and hard-working in the heart, change the way to meet psychological needs to find new ways of spiritual sustenance, such as: enrich and enrich family life and personal hobbies; strengthen contacts with friends and relatives; properly engage in part-time or second professional activities, etc. .

Debating the inner difficulties and worries

Optimism, anxiety is related to people’s personality and attitude towards the outside world, so we must let ourselves have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life; tolerance, understanding the characteristics of human nature, treating others as generously as possible, learning to understand the people and things around us; One way to vent the distress, sorrow, grievances, resentment, etc. that accumulate in the heart; to transfer, when encountering an angry or sad thing, consciously turn your attention to the activities that you usually are interested in; Get rid of jealousy through outdoor activities, and gradually calm down your mind; at the same time, good music is also an effective tool for solving troubles and calming anger.

Regulate your own psychology

Sleep is an indispensable physiological phenomenon of human beings. The quality of sleep is closely related to the health of the human body. If a person rests well, the next day will naturally feel good, and naturally he will forget some troublesome things. Can relieve anxiety, and see that adequate sleep is a cure for workplace anxiety.

enough sleep


Due to the pressure of work and the increase of interpersonal competition, office workers are in a state of high tension every day, or because they are criticized by the boss, which makes many white-collar workers have workplace anxiety, how can we overcome workplace anxiety? What about the disease?