Sympathetic type is a series of symptoms caused

Sympathetic type is a series of symptoms caused by sympathetic nerves due to changes in cervical disc degeneration. So, what is the feeling of cervical spondylosis stimulating to the sympathetic nerve? The patient will be in a state of tension every day and feel very


uncomfortable. Exercise relieves cervical spondylosis. With age, cervical spine will have degenerative diseases, and cervical spondylosis is difficult to avoid. But if we prevent early treatment early, it can greatly delay the onset of time, the simplest method is exercise.

5. Sympathetic type.

As the joint hyperplasia stimulates the vertebral artery, the blood supply is insufficient. The typical symptom is cervical vertigo. For example, if the patient walks in front and a person suddenly clicks, he will fall to the ground as soon as he turns back. Dizziness is complicated, not only cervical spondylosis can cause dizziness, ear disease, mental system diseases can cause dizziness. Therefore, if you have specific symptoms, you should ask your doctor to check the diagnosis.

4. Vertebral artery type.

Cervical lesions cause compression and ischemia of the spinal cord, leading to spinal conduction dysfunction. The clinical manifestation is walking like stepping on cotton, numbness in limbs, and walking shallow feet.

3. Spinal cord type.

That is, the cervical disc degeneration, stimulation or compression of the movement or sensory disturbance caused by the cervical nerve root. Typical symptoms are numbness and pain. The X-ray film showed that the curvature changed unsteadily, or there was bone hyperplasia, and the pain point closure had no obvious effect. This is a typical symptom of cervical spondylotic radiculopathy.

2. Nerve root type.

Cervical degeneration caused local neck and shoulder pain, or head, neck and shoulder pain, is cervical cervical spondylosis. Mainly for the head, neck, shoulder feeling abnormal, such as stiff neck, neck uncomfortable, generally no hand numbness and dizziness, but if the X-ray film shows cervical curvature changes, or shoulder joint instability, it is cervical cervical spondylosis.

1. Neck type.


Every day, the office family sits and keeps an action for a long time. This will cause fatigue or cervical pain for a long time. This is why more and more office workers suffer from cervical spondylosis. Is there any way to relieve the cervical vertebrae pain of office workers? The following is a small series for everyone to easily relieve cervical pain.