Crab + Peanut: Diarrhea

Crab + Peanut: Diarrhea
Crab + strong tea: abdominal pain

Crab + Kiwi: Poisoning

Crab + Pomegranate: not easy to digest

Crab + Persimmon: Spleen and Stomach

Gram food

Infants should not eat crabs. Crabs are cold and cold, and the babies with poor constitution and spleen and stomach are cold and can easily cause stomach upset. Some babies are allergic, and eating crabs can also cause allergy symptoms.

Can babies eat crabs?

Pregnant women should not eat crabs. Although the crab is delicious, it is cold and has the effect of promoting blood circulation. Therefore, it is not good for pregnant women , especially crab claws. It has a strong abortion effect. Pregnant women with habitual abortion should be fasted.

Can pregnant women eat crabs?

Crabs are cold, spleen and stomach are cold and pregnant women should not eat; crabs contain allergic substances, allergic and skin diseases are not suitable for consumption; crabs have high cholesterol content, cardiovascular disease patients and patients with biliary diseases should not eat crabs; Weakened, it is not advisable to eat more crabs.

Taboo crowd

It is edible by most people. Crab has the effect of relaxing the muscles, replenishing the qi, clearing the meridians, dispersing the heat, and dispersing the blood. It is especially suitable for people who suffer from bruises, broken bones, and bruises.

people suitble

What are the precautions for eating crabs?

What are the precautions for eating crabs? In late autumn, crabs are not only delicious, but also have high nutritional value. For those who love crabs, knowing the crab’s edible taboos can properly eat crabs. So let’s take a look at the edible precautions for crabs.