The bedroom layout quietly affects the amount of sex life

The current sex of young men and women after work is actually unrelated to their marital relationship. Usually, household chores dilute people’s emotions. Since 93% of married couples’ sex life is carried out in the bedroom, both husband and wife should strive to create a good bedroom environment, making it a special romantic place, rather than a variety of electrical appliances stacked up, used A place for entertainment and office. The big bed is not conducive to intimacy. It is generally believed that the bigger the bed, the more comfortable it is to sleep. Alberto believes that a slightly less crowded bed is more conducive to the intimacy between husband and wife. Because physical contact is the most direct care, when hands and feet come into contact from time to time, it not only makes people feel warm and safe, but sometimes even makes a day without sex plan a passion. It’s strange that no one can reach anyone’s big bed. Sheets and bedding are often renewed. Sheets and duvet covers are something that can create a fresh bedroom. Light-colored yarn, colorful cotton and delicate silk, although everyone likes different materials, relaxing body contact with beautiful bedding is the same. Only by constantly changing, keeping clean, color patterns and materials match the two sides of aesthetics, can inspire people to enjoy the instinct of happiness. Keep the privacy of the bedroom. The bedroom should be a forbidden place for children so that couples can properly place sexual stimuli such as nude sculptures, paintings, private photos of couples, sex books, and more. From the perspective of sexual psychology, the expectation of husband and wife to the living environment is usually a psychological feeling. In general, there are three specific elements: a sense of security, moderate sexual stimulation, and room for interaction. Albero believes that a bottle of perfume can also be placed on the side of the cabinet, but do not open the bottle, so that the perfume can float out of a strand of hair, creating a sultry atmosphere. The color of the bedroom is suitable for the wife’s request. Because the wife’s sexual motivation is more susceptible to the environment, the tone of the bedroom should be based on the wife’s feelings, and generally follow the principle of “opposition and complementarity”, that is, the mood reflected by the tone should be The personality of the wife in public is the opposite. A passionate wife should choose a delicate and expressive color, such as beige; a discreet and quiet wife should choose bright and pleasant colors, such as orange and light red. On the contrary, this color encourages the wife to dedicate herself to sex and stimulates the rich emotions that she does not easily reveal. In the direction of the direction, the room facing south or east is best to use the middle color, the room facing the west can use the cool color, and the room facing the north is more suitable for the warm color. Furniture should generally be warmed to enhance the warm atmosphere. The brightness of the bedside lamp can be adjusted before making love, it can be adjusted to dark and soft In the light of the light, create an awkward atmosphere. Studies have shown that spouses can enhance sexual excitement by observing each other’s sexual arousal in soft light and their individual sexual physiological responses. Do not use the bedroom as a dressing room. Alberto pointed out that it is best to give each other a sense of mystery instead of dressing each other in the bedroom. For most ordinary couples, the beauty of the nude is not strong. “Why do we boast?” In addition, although you don’t have to wear sexy in the bedroom every day, it is best not to dress too tightly in bed. A conservative wife can also wear silk pajamas occasionally, and her husband’s underwear is changed every day. Occasionally sleep separately. Alberto pointed out that when couples have to work, return later, work overtime at home and stay in the middle of the night for a while, they are better off sleeping for a few days. This not only avoids unnecessary sleepiness for those who sleep early, but also increases mystery and excitement when we are as exciting as previous dates. Or when couples have a good emotional foundation, but find that their sexual interests are gradually fading out, they can choose to sleep alone to brew sexual interest.