What is the basis for a male selective partner?

Many women believe that men will not refuse to take the initiative to make love with men. In fact, no, men are more rational than women, not as mad as women imagine, and have illusions about every woman. In particular, women who are rich in sexual life do not let men have physical impulses. In contrast, men prefer women who are more pure. 1. Why do men have a virgin complex? Although the society is already open, but many people still have a virgin complex after receiving the traditional concept, whether it is the first time that their partner is very valued, even after marriage. It is not the first time to find out that your lover is in a divorce or even derailment situation. Men have a strong desire to occupy, do not want their lover, once in the body of others, this is a psychological barrier that men can not overcome. 2. Women with low emotional intelligence are more liked by men in the perception of women. They all hope that their husbands can be romantic, while men and women are just the opposite. Men prefer to look silly and have no emotional experience. Men are full of desire to conquer. 3, men are more rational in the face of feelings, women tend to be more dead than men love, and men will always leave a path for themselves. 4. A woman with a history of cohabitation does not like men who want to be a master in their sexual life, but they don’t want their partner to be a master of sex. This is not just a manifestation of women’s loyalty. This situation will have a great impact. Male self-esteem and conquest. Both males and females hope that their partners can be loyal to themselves, do not want their partner’s sexual experience, and have too many sexual and emotional experiences.