3 situations that women want but do not take the initiative

In life, we always see such a scene: the wife concentrates on watching the TV series, the man snuggles beside his wife, expounding his desire for love; this is Xiaobian who can’t help but wonder: why couple sex life is often Initiated by men, women will be passive, will not take the initiative to ask? I believe many of my friends have the same questions. So, let the sex health experts come to a detailed analysis today, why women will be like this. Experts pointed out that the reason why couples’ sexual life is often initiated by men and women are in a passive situation is entirely due to the fact that women’s four psychology are at work. First, “anyway, the husband will come up and wait for it.” This is probably the root cause. Women feel that they are born to be “shouldered”, and if they first ask for sexual love, they seem very debauchery. Therefore, if you don’t speak, you can’t help but ask yourself. At this time, the man may wish to leave his wife aside and “force” her mouth. Second, “sex” is a taboo. Women cannot say that no matter how open the society is, there are still many people who believe that good women should not take the initiative to raise sex. Men should be tolerant and patient with such women. Third, fear that rejected women mostly love face, even if they are occasionally rejected by their husbands, they will cause long-term bad impressions on them. Therefore, encourage women more on weekdays, or tell her that “we are a loving couple, I need your initiative.” Fourth, not interested in sex or cold. If women are not interested in sex, you should pay attention! Communicate with her to prevent physical or psychological diseases. If you can’t do it, you must go to the hospital in time.