Which mate choices are not allowed?

The correct choice of mate will make people happy. However, if there are some wrong psychology, it will lead to bad results. Which mate choices are necessary? Everyone has their own requirements and standards for the choice of marriage objects, but Sexual health experts should remind men and women that when they choose a couple, they will have bad psychology, so it will hinder your true feelings. Therefore, do not have the following kinds of psychology when choosing a spouse. First, the career-oriented mate psychology In fact, everyone is willing to pay attention to this point, they all hope that their own objects can become the pillars of the materials, work and career, but due to various factors, at present, with this There are not many people who choose mate psychology, but in the intellectual group, there are still many people. They see the best achievements of adult students in their work performance and career progress. Regarding the spirit of the other side and the spirit of hard work, as an important weight on the mate’s balance, the happiness of love is pinned on the struggle of the cause. This love is eternal because of the permanence of the cause. Second, the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction of the mate choice psychology With the progress of social civilization, the improvement of people’s cultural quality, there are more and more people with this spurt of choice, they focus on each other’s thoughts, feelings, moral qualities, traits, etc., pursue each other’s mind Communication and emotional harmony. As long as you can be happy and satisfied in the spirit, even if the other party’s economic conditions, physical condition and other aspects are not good, it does not matter. This kind of spiritual love is noble, and many love stories that are beautifully talked about belong to the pursuit of this scale of love. Third, the money-oriented mate selection psychology is more common, especially in economically backward areas. They put the other’s economic situation first, and their marriage is to get a comfortable place to satisfy their eating, wearing, living, playing, or to survive. This kind of marriage based on material and money is not reliable, because economic conditions can be changed. It often loses the favorable material conditions of the other party and loses the attraction of the two souls. . The correct concept of mate selection, good mate choice, can choose your partner, maybe you don’t realize it. The relationship between psychological and emotional existence, but Xiaobian believes. If you want to better manage your feelings and marriage, then you must fully understand these relationships so that you can help you find the right partner for you.