Several golden indicators of beauty life

Adults should be familiar with sex. Generally speaking, sex is a very secret private life, and it is destined to be the talk of everyone after a meal, and it is not going to talk about what is the perfect sex. To put it bluntly, perfect sex is far away from many people, because everyone feels that sex is an embarrassing topic and dare not go into it. Below, we will provide you with the 6 gold indicators of perfect sex. Welcome everyone to check in and see if you have achieved the standard. Criterion 1: At least two romantic contacts “For women, sex does not begin with undressing, but at the moment of contact with men.” British sex expert Dr. Bonnie Jacobson in his book It is pointed out that there should be at least two romantic contact opportunities in the first 1-2 days before sex, a small gift from a loved one, a romantic movie together, or a flirting text message at work. These actions will increase the expectation of sex, especially Let women enter the state faster. Standard 2: Do three “net, quiet, clean” Dr. Jacobson said that before sex, “bedding is clean, the environment is quiet, and the heart is clean.” Clean and tidy bedding is a prerequisite for sex, cotton sheets and large beds are the best choice. A quiet environment means no noise, no family disturbances. Clearness in the heart means that there is no side to heart, don’t worry about it. Standard 3: Foreplay reaches 6 minutes. Appropriate foreplay is important for both parties. It helps women to produce secretions in the vagina and helps men to increase erection hardness. Dr. Kurt, a psychologist and sexual therapist in Michigan, pointed out that the best “sexual foreplay” should satisfy the four needs of people’s vision, touch, smell and hearing, and talk about teasing, breathing, kissing and caressing… The time is usually 6 to 10 minutes. Standard 4: Substantial love 7 to 13 minutes Researchers at the Bilde College in Pennsylvania, USA, found that substantial love (sexual contact) is most appropriate in 7 to 13 minutes. More than 13 minutes, the male fatigue will increase, and it is more difficult to restore physical strength; less than 7 minutes, the two sides will not know what to expect.