The psychological reason for women’s fear of sex

He is a sex explorer. Today, he has to take some difficult moves. Tomorrow, he will experience the peak experience of dying. Love is made into an adventure full of unknowns. But in your opinion, sex should be the style of the breeze and the poetry of the poetry. So, you stick to tradition and refuse to make tricks. In short, when you think of his changing sexuality, you are afraid. [The reason for your fear]: Difference between men and women: Indeed, men like to take risks in sex, women are more romantic – this is not only for you, but also for men and women. The sex between most couples is dominated by men. Sex has no meaning: yes, the longer the couple get married, the more dull the sex may be. The man likes to try the novelty method of sex, which is a “smuggling uprising” for your plainness. [Providing advice for your sex]: Safety first: In addition to ensuring safety, what else can you try? He did nothing wrong: find your flower temperament. Sexologist Kryan said: In this respect, women really should learn from men. It is precisely because men’s spirit of exploration is seemingly never satisfied, but it is also the source of new sexual love. The key is that he needs to pay some patience and gentleness, let you slowly accept his inexhaustible exploration of sex, and be as obsessed with this exploration as he is. Correct your sexuality: Why do you only accept traditional postures? You think that too many sexual problems are a shame, or you feel that sex is dispensable. And all this is the reason why your sex is not harmonious. Then, try to accept some positive sexual cues, such as: sexy girls are more beautiful, sex can make me more romantic, etc., try to accept the sexual feelings he brings to you. In addition, before attempting a novelty approach, do some safety communication to help slow down your sexual fears.