How do you want to have sex once?

My husband once said that he likes my gentleness most, especially in sex life, my gentleness will make him very excited. For five years since I got married, I have been showing tenderness in my sexual life for the sake of my husband, but in fact, I don’t like it. If you want me to choose, I like to be more energetic and more active in my sexual life. I always feel the fundamental problem – “sexual blessing” communication 109 In our sexual life, our gentleness is a passive one, and the husband’s performance is sometimes not very in place, so I really want to take the initiative, then I It will be more enjoyable. I have tried to show vitality several times, but my husband’s reaction is very disliked. Even after he will prompt me to say: He still thinks that my gentleness is the most attractive. I don’t know how to explain to him. I am afraid that if I am too active, I will disrupt the current quality of sex. I can always go on like this, and I am not willing, because I really thought about the sex life I wanted. Excuse me, what should I do to achieve my wishes? You tell him that in order to enrich our sex life, we rehearse a two-person drama. In this script, I take the initiative, you are passive, come to character conversion, play a game of transposition. Of course, maybe he is very unimaginative and still doesn’t like this. You may wish to try to imagine, explore new ways of sex, find what he likes, and in the process, join your initiative, which is called “borrowing eggs.” In the process of trying new ways of sex, you may all be changed, you will be developed, and your wish will be realized.