Men often on their toes help improve sexual function

In daily life, men always complain that their sexual ability is not strong, but they do not take measures to improve their sexual function. In fact, tipping your toes is a good way. Although the tiptoe is a very simple action, it works especially well. Experts say that the tip of the toad can benefit the kidney and strengthen the yang, thereby improving sexual function. When you lick your toes while urinating, the effect is more prominent. From the perspective of meridians, the tip of the toad is good for smoothing the three yin. This group of meridians distributed in the inner thigh, the upper side is the foot Taiyin spleen, the middle is the foot and yin and liver, and the back is the foot Shaoyin kidney. The liver, kidney and spleen are all rising, and the three organs have the effect of stimulating the gas, thus achieving the effect of tonifying the kidney. For men with chronic prostatitis and enlarged prostate, squatting can make urination more smooth when urinating. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, prostate diseases are mostly caused by insufficient gas, so that the urine is inexhaustible. When you urinate, you can lift your toes and raise your breath. When the toes are toes, the muscles in the back of the lower calves contract, and the amount of blood squeezed can promote blood return of the lower limbs and strengthen the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, thereby improving the blood volume of the cavernous body during penile erection, reducing blood return and increasing the penis. Hardness and maintenance of erection time. For women, the enhancement of the pelvic floor muscles means an increase in sexual experience and helps them to get a climax. A variety of “deformation” practices on your toes. When you are free, you can try to walk on your toes, take 30 to 50 steps each time, wait a little rest, and then repeat the group according to your physical condition. Self-adjusting speed to feel comfortable and relaxed. Of course, you can also sit on your toes and make your knees parallel to your thighs. Place two bottles filled with water on your thighs and carry out weight-bearing exercises, each time for 30 to 50 times. When you are playing computer or working for a long time, you can also do a tiptoe exercise, preferably every hour. This is not only a good aerobic exercise, but also helps improve sexual performance.