Newly-married bridal house

The first night of the wedding is the beginning of sexual life. It is also the most important way to further understand and fall in love between husband and wife. Both husband and wife combine the passionate and deep love of each other. However, because it is the first time, it is generally due to some common psychological characteristics, affecting sexual desire and sexual pleasure to varying degrees, leading to the success or failure of the first night, and deeply engraved in the memory of life or sweet or awkward. Sexual Psychological Differences Because of the different physiological characteristics, men have a strong desire to physically integrate with their sweethearts before marriage. On the wedding night, they are easily able to express their sexual intercourse with their wives. Under the impulse of this intense sexual desire, sometimes rude, almost rude behavior will occur. In the first one-time life, the man is in an active position almost without exception. Women are not, they are only intoxicated in spiritual communication and spiritual integration for a long time. For sexual life, there is a psychological sense of shame and tension. The sense of shame is influenced by factors such as traditional concepts. Even couples who are in love for a long time will have a certain degree of shame on both sexes, and this kind of shyness is more important than men. The husband should take the initiative to break this shy atmosphere through emotional words and caress, and eliminate the psychological barriers before sexual intercourse. Tensile newlyweds have sexual intercourse for the first time. Due to lack of sexual knowledge and sexual experience, it is impossible to “do not teach themselves.” It is psychologically prone to a sense of self-tension, such as poor sexual intercourse, or bleeding and pain caused by the rupture of the hymen, which will further strengthen this tension. At this time, try to eliminate emotional interference and learn to relax yourself. It is very important for the success of first sexual intercourse and improving sexual pleasure. In addition, the husband’s movements should be gentle, be considerate and considerate, and prevent rudeness. It is even more important to eliminate the nervousness of the newlywed wife. Satisfaction Newly-married couples have sexual intercourse for the first time. If it is smooth, if it is harmonious and happy, it will be satisfied and taste the happiness and sweetness of the newly married. If it is not smooth or difficult to achieve, someone will feel disappointed. If this is repeated, it will affect or even shake the emotional foundation of a happy marriage. At this time, we must especially remind newlyweds that because of the harmonious and satisfying sexual life, influenced by various factors such as physiology and psychology, it can not be achieved by subjective wishes alone. It is not uncommon for the first sexual intercourse to be unsuccessful on the wedding night. It is usually 3-4 weeks for the newlyweds to reach the level of satisfactory sexual intercourse. Don’t be disappointed because you are not happy at the moment, you can’t complain that your wife can’t work or your husband is incompetent. The correct attitude is that both parties should lower their expectations for the first night, and by summing up their experiences, improving methods, and working closely together, they will bear the fruits of satisfaction in the shortest time.