Fat women can promote harmony between husband and wife!

It seems that men like to marry a fat wife, although the slim figure will give people a beautiful enjoyment, but why do men prefer a full-fledged fat wife? Because the quality of a fat lady’s sex is higher, and the fat wife has sex more. Can make men satisfied. It is a common phenomenon that girls cry and cry to “weight loss.” According to the saying that “women are pleasing to others”, they are so eager to cater to men. But in fact, most men like plump women, too slim women will only let them “no feeling.” 1. Most men prefer full-bodied women. The British “safe passage” company has conducted surveys on 500 adult men and found that 87% of men prefer curves, full-bodied women. A study by the University of Pennsylvania also yielded similar results. These findings have shown that women’s fullness does increase the quality of sexual life of both men and women. 2, fat women are more likely to achieve sexual excitement For women, more fat cells, means that more estrogen can be produced, this is the “engine” of women’s sexual desire, can make their sexual needs stronger, more active in sexual life The sexual stimuli felt will be stronger. This will undoubtedly help women reach sexual excitement faster and enjoy sex more. 3, plump body can make men satisfied for men, the meaning of “fullness” is more important for sex life. First of all, the full body and beautiful curves can bring a great temptation to men visually. Studies have shown that when a woman’s waist and hip circumference reach a “golden ratio” of 4:5, it is most likely to cause men to “crime.” Secondly, from the tactile sense of the hands and the body, the full and elastic breasts and buttocks are obviously more satisfying to men than the body full of “bone feeling” and sharp edges. Whether it is a hug or a variety of positions, a full-fledged woman can bring men into “heaven.” 4, full-bodied women secrete more love liquid more estrogen often makes the vagina more moist, which is undoubtedly the best “lubricant” for men and women who are in close contact. Of course, perhaps the three benefits mentioned above add up to the “active” of women. It gives the man a stronger sense of excitement, and this is one of the characteristics of a plump woman. 5, fat women are more secure, fat women give people the feeling of kindness, not so much mentality, and on the issue of derailment, the performance is relatively slow, it is not easy to give a man a green hat. Throughout the family’s harmony, fat women play a broad-minded, intimate role. Its psychological endurance is generally very good, the so-called heart wide body fat, has this meaning.