What kind of sexual psychology is hidden in men’s psychology?

In the man’s heart, what are the sexual psychology hidden? First, the feelings are suppressed and often escaped as a man through sex. Many people are unwilling to be weak, such as: fear, isolation, help, disappointment, etc. Use sex as a way to vent these inner emotions. At this time, if the wife wants to get more warmth at this time, she will only be disappointed. Because the husband is vented physiologically, but does not eliminate the inner tension, and the wife will feel the insult, feeling that he is a tool for the husband to vent their anger. In fact, when men feel fear, disappointment and nervousness, they all hope to have a loyal partner around them, so sex is an effective way to regain their confidence and feel relieved. Therefore, when the wife feels that her husband is nervous, she should find a way to share with him, let him have a sense of security, and tell the truth to you. In this way, the husband and wife will feel more intimate, and the sexual life that follows will be more unforgettable. Second, like a woman with self-confidence Many women think that the husband does not really care about her, the conversation between husband and wife is often concentrated in his interest, not her. However, there is an obvious fact that a woman is interested in “reducing herself” so that her husband feels that he is the head of the family. What women often overlook is that men who are happy with nature usually like women with the same quality. Most men believe that women with strong self-confidence are more infectious to them, so the wife should not be too modest in front of her husband. When children observe the mother’s labor, the woman learns to feed the child, selflessly dedication, and pay attention to the requirements of others. When she is married to a man, she will do it subconsciously. Initially men need this kind of concern, but the more enthusiastic the woman plays the role of mother, the harder it is for men to reward her in a loving way. Therefore, a woman should not treat her husband as a child, but should regard her husband as a capable and trustworthy friend. At first, this will encounter a lot of trouble, but the husband will eventually understand his wife’s good intentions and re-examine his wife as a carefully selected woman. Fourth, the wife who likes to share the bed with him is in sex, men and women are different. Women pay attention to warmth, and men appreciate their own fun life. Because of this difference, women often complain that her husband only pays attention to sex. She is just a tool, while men blame their wife’s interest only in talking about love. To solve this contradiction, try to change the role, let the man talk about his feelings of love, and the woman tries to experience the pleasure of the body, so that the wife can understand that the husband’s sexual requirements are actually the ultimate expression of his love. 5. Before and after the intercourse, if many of the husbands have finished their sexual life, they will fall asleep. Wife thought it was Zhang The husband was intentionally alienated, while the husband said that he needed a break. Countless women have this experience, but what they don’t understand is that men do this to control their feelings. For most men, a strong self-image is crucial, and completely losing the sense of defense poses a psychological threat to him. A man said that sexual life is an experience in which he is completely free to express his feelings, but after the event, he must pull out to “return to the men’s team.”