Sex, can you save the feelings of men and women?

A few years ago, there was a classic line in the Japanese drama “Love Letter”: When the two had a physical relationship, they also communicated with each other and began to alienate. It is true that in the emotional life, there is a relationship between love and sex that is difficult to give up and cannot be clearly stated. Especially for young men and women who are not yet mature, they are more likely to lose their direction in sexual impulses and desire expansion, and misunderstand the true intention of love. Mature couples and couples are more likely to depend on the maintenance of life, or even as the last weapon to save their feelings. Can’t save sex with sex. Qing and Han are just two young couples who have just graduated. They all have ambitions and want to show their strengths in society. In the eyes of Han, Qing did not have such a strong career. He plans to marry her after her career is relatively stable, and she does not need to work hard. However, Qing Qing is bent on doing media work and likes the kind of battlefield-style interview tasks. When she learned about Han’s thoughts, she often quarreled with Han. And Han’s control over her is strengthened by the fact that her work is getting heavier and heavier, and the quarrel between the two has intensified. Whenever she cried and broke up, Han always grabbed the Qing and warmly kissed her and her lingering. In the gentle township, Qing always said to himself, in fact, he still loves Han. After several rounds of reunion, one day, Qing was crying into tears under the body of Han, knowing that everything really passed. One day, one can’t afford the healing function. All the passion, feelings and patience are exhausted in the sex that I try to make up again and again. Psychologically speaking, the psychological motivation behind the use of sexual healing is to use sex to cover up contradictions. Contradictions can sometimes make a sex more passionate. That is because in pain, people need to completely indulge themselves, forget the pain and completely exile themselves. It is precisely the driving force of good sex. However, one day, sexuality can not afford healing. The function of. The sensory stimulation of the sexual organs is greater than that of the brain cells. The stimulation is actually in the sex, which is not as confusing as anyone imagines. On the contrary, people are absolutely awake in sex, just because the sensory stimulation of the sexual organs is greater than the thinking stimulation of the brain cells, so why many people can feel calm inside after sex life, and the problem becomes simple. Because some personal emotional factors are removed, after the physical exercise, the brain reveals the truth of things other than emotions like a filter. Being brave is the real beginning of healing. So if the two have problems, the effect at this time is the best. And when a person experiences intense sex, he knows his or her state best. It is emptiness or satisfaction, and the pain that is hidden in the heart and trying to cover up will actually come to the forefront. Face it, it can become the real beginning of healing.