Home feng shui to see the harmony of husband and wife

According to our understanding, home feng shui is the most important in Hong Kong and not very popular on the mainland. Perhaps people’s thoughts have begun to advance. Nowadays, many people are obsessed with the feng shui of the living room. Others use home feng shui to calculate the harmony of their marital feelings. Let’s let Xiaobian tell you! Lu Chongxi, Tianzhu The fire-shaped 煞 is located in the house of T-shaped road. The road crosses the gate and is called the road rushing, also called the rifle. In front of or behind the house, it is directly adjacent to the two buildings or one between the two buildings. Narrow gaps, like a sudden look at the building is divided into two from the sky, that is, the scorpio; the front of the house is sharply cornered, the left and right roads meet to form a triangle, the sharp angle of the street park art shape object, etc. Shooting, that is, making a fire. In the case of the above-mentioned houses, it is easy for the husband and wife to turn their backs, and to fight with each other, to gather together and to lose more; in the case of marriage, the marriage is broken, parting ways, and death. If the water is branched, the door will flow to the left and right (the road is also the car), which will make the thoughts and feelings of the husband and wife easy to differentiate, often quarreling, face and heart. So using LELO products during sex, Lily still can’t make your husband and wife live in harmony. Forgetting the water and forgetting the water means that the water that comes and retreats but not gathers in front of the door, including the road with a steep slope in front of the road and the road with a shape of anti-bow, will cause the couple’s feelings to be inconsistent, gather less and more, and the marriage is not stable. Xiao Bian recommended: Why do men like to lick “small” wife’s sexual life harmony can prevent extramarital affairs? The corner of the house is the house at the end of both sides of the road or at the end of the building. If the house at the end of the right side lacks a white tiger, such a house is not suitable for female residents; If it is the house at the end of the left side, Zuo Qinglong is equal to zero, and the white tiger is bound to be extremely prosperous, forming a strong tiger to deceive the dragon, just to commit the “white tiger cub”, such a house is not suitable for male residents. The experience of the cricket proves that the corner house is not suitable for the balanced development of the husband and wife life, and it is easy to make the couple’s contrast increase, and the fate is not strong. If there are subways, underground channels, groundwater and other dynamic things passing under the heart of the residential building, it will cause the people to be unstable, and the poor health of the residents will seriously affect the quality of the husband and wife life. The stability of the couple’s feelings. The corridor inside the house divides the house into two halves. If the house is divided into two halves or the stairs are passed through the center of the house, it is equal to dividing the family into two. It is easy to cause the couple to be separated from each other, and the feelings are not harmonious or even discrete. The stove water fires the stove to represent the housewife, the five elements are fire, the most avoidable water, such as sandwiching the stove between the two “water-based” objects in the sink and washing machine or refrigerator, or the stove straight to the refrigerator, sink Or the washing machine, the main guilty of the water and fire of the taboo. “Water and fire are not compatible” will lead to restless family, husband and wife, and turn against each other, it is difficult to have a smooth love. The desperate, five ghosts, six hexagrams, and the scourge of the house in the house are very unfavorable for family marriage. If the couple’s bedroom or large bed is set in these positions, it is easy to cause bedtime dreams and even damage family marriage. The beam press bed is a kind of love for husband and wife, and it is also the cradle of feelings. It should be easy and comfortable. It is most likely to have beam pressure on the top, or heavy hanging objects such as hanging cabinets, chandeliers and ceiling fans. This will cause the couple’s feelings to be suppressed and cause depression. Drowsiness leads to disharmony, even marriage is unfortunate. The split-bed bed is the most intimate place in the world, and the choice of mattresses and bedding is very important. The popular double bed nowadays, some are split-framed bed frames, and some are made up of two mattresses. This is the same as the case where some couples are covered by a single person. If they go on for a long time, they will gradually affect each other. Unfamiliar, the distance between each other’s emotions is gradually extended. Hanging sex erotic painting couple bedroom is a sacred two-person world, avoid hanging sex pornography or placing portrait photos of others. In the northwest side of the hall (for the husband’s position), the southwest side (for the wife’s position), do not hang the wedding photos together with other people’s portrait photos or sex erotic paintings, otherwise it is easy for the husband and wife to empathize or let the third The person has the opportunity to intervene, which is not good for the husband and wife. Guess what you like: How to deal with the 7-year itch of the American couple’s marriage preservation method, please pay attention to the gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn