Couples quarreling does not hurt the “guideline”

Couples living together, for a long time, will inevitably quarrel because of some big things, small things. It is good to be able to raise eyebrows and respect each other, but when the quarrel is inevitable, the damage can only be minimized. When quarreling, the couple should learn to resolve the contradictions and try not to hurt the feelings. How do couples fight and not hurt their feelings? The following is a “golden criterion” for couples to quarrel with the gender relations. If you don’t quarrel in front of outsiders, even if you are quarreling, it’s the closest person. It’s very private to have a couple’s quarrel. Don’t fry in front of outsiders, even your own children. Always resolve disputes in private, especially not in the face of children, so as not to make children feel insecure. If the child sees you quarreling, be sure to let him or her know that you have solved the problem and that it is as good as ever. Also don’t let outsiders hear your quarrels, which may lead to an escalation of the war. Don’t rush to label each other’s quarrels. If you are in a bad mood, you will be easy to say. However, no matter how unspeakable, don’t rush to judge and label the other party. “You are a lazy person”, “How do you do any housework?” and similar summative language will make the accused person feel depressed, and even more unwilling to cooperate with your request, which will eventually lead to a family atmosphere. Trying to look at each other’s behavior from a comprehensive perspective, he may have poured a glass of water for you silently, but forgot to organize the messy desk. Careful observation and soft words can warm the heart. Xiao Bian recommended: Do not do 5 things when you go out of the room, crazy sex property issues, do not care about a lot of couples quarreling, and money can not be separated. If you want the quarrel to not affect your feelings, don’t worry about property issues. Equality between husband and wife does not mean that the housework, property and other issues are preoccupied. It is important not to emphasize that you make more money in the quarrel, which will make the other party feel unrespected. No matter how angry you are, don’t slam the door and many people are on the air, they will slam the door, and this is a very hurtful practice. Try to express your feelings as gently as possible. Make a compelling momentum, behave in a face, face red, or simply take the door, only to make yourself more rude or pungent, the other is more difficult to change from the heart. Don’t talk about things when you smashed the sesame seeds, don’t talk about things. Once quarreled, some people will not only increase their enthusiasm to increase their momentum, but in order to “beate” each other, they will often move out some things like Chen Gusui, such as what the other party said when they are not married. These topics will make the argument more and more important. More, it is a wise quarrel to talk about things. Don’t fall into the cold war after the Cold War deadlock is the most hurtful feeling, don’t want to fight after the fight cold war. The reconciliation after the quarrel can make each other know how to cherish, because you have once again experienced a difficult test. Giving each other a tight hug, a passionate kiss is better than a cold one. Otherwise, let’s have a fierce sex. They all say that the couple have a bed and quarrel at the end of the bed. After sex, they are happy and everything is fine. (Source: Sina Fujian-Health Channel) Guess what you like: How to maintain sweetness after the wedding night, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network gender channel: