How to get a man’s confidante

It is very normal for men to have friends of the opposite sex. However, be sure to guard against their confidantes, or your life and status will be affected. Below, Xiao Bian introduces the types of confidantes that many men often have and how to deal with them. I hope everyone will look patiently. 1, soft and weak is also pretending to be petite, such a woman is more prominent is the female sister of Cao Xueqin’s pen, the heroine of Qiong Yao’s drama, soft and weak, need to find a target, if your old justice belongs to Those who pity the jade, then you have to pay special attention. Countermeasures: When you shoot, you have to be clear, and it is not the man who changes his mind to change his mind, but he is willing to do it. In the face of such a woman, the wife should speak out loud about her dissatisfaction and anger, and tell her husband that she is very mindful and let him know your endurance bottom line. If the red face is always looking for your husband, then you may wish to find a chance to write down her number and tell her that her husband is yours. He is not obligated to respond to anyone. Xiaobian recommended: Why do men don’t like to talk at home? What kind of sex do women like best? 2. The most appropriate statement of deliberate confusion should be that the world is not chaotic. Such women like to see what men are confused by themselves, and they always like to be with men. Speaking of a slap in the face, even playing a few unclear calls, let men enjoy this temptation and interest. When you protest, he will feel that you are making a big fuss. Countermeasure: A woman who struggles by putting down her body is often very attractive and has a strong lethality. Although she may not be so serious about her feelings, it will definitely affect your family life. Therefore, as a wife, you may wish to let go of a fight with her, such as occasionally wearing a trend to open the trend, transfer your husband’s attention to your body. 3, a woman like a brother-in-law type, perhaps your husband’s childhood playmate, perhaps your husband’s good friend in the student era, this woman may have never talked about love, or have no consciousness of feelings. Always thinking of calling your husband out to pass the time, forgetting that her good buddy is already a family. Countermeasures: Telling the other party directly that there is no time. Such a woman tends to ignore her buddy and has a woman. In the face of such a woman, the wife should try to arrange something for her husband, so that he can’t get away and let him Learn to say “I don’t have time” to the other person. If you can, you can introduce her to several objects, so your husband doesn’t have to go with her. 4. Young women like literary youth are relatively petty bourgeoisie, and the literary complex is rampant. I like the individual to say something about life philosophy, love and love. But when a man has a little bit of heart with her, she regards it as a “blue confidante”. I always have something to do with people to drink some tea, talk about life ideals, and even send some sensational text messages. Countermeasures: The woman who actively talks coldly is pursuing a spiritual exchange. Although the purpose is not to talk about feelings, it will inevitably cause problems after a long time. In the face of such a woman, the wife is best to take the initiative to find her husband to talk. Of course, don’t show your embarrassment, just tell him that his recent behavior has made everyone have a lot of bad reviews, let him handle it himself. 5, the network chat type of the current network is so developed, it is normal to make a few friends online, and generally men have so many female netizens. Usually chat on the Internet, sometimes even meet and pass the time. The content of the chat may also involve some embarrassing words, but your husband thinks that it is just a chat, and there is nothing to do. Countermeasures: Never mind a woman who is chatting online Some are lonely women, such a woman is very dangerous, so can not be soft-hearted. As a wife, you can move your computer on your own computer, intentionally or unintentionally reinstalling the system and letting his contact information be lost. If he likes to flirt online, you might as well be transformed into a changeable beauty on the other side of the network, and persuaded him in another way. In short, you should take relative countermeasures according to different types of confidantes, in order to effectively remove the man’s confidante. Guess what you like: She always asks me to be annoyed after marriage to avoid more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: