Postpartum couples need to know about sexual health knowledge

After the couple have had a baby, the state of life will change dramatically. Especially in terms of sexual life, they are not as “unscrupulous” as before, and women’s physiology will also change. Therefore, most couples have a situation of disharmony and even dissonance during childbirth. In the face of this bad phenomenon, couples must master sexual health knowledge in order to maintain a harmonious life. The following points out a few key sexual health content, I hope that the majority of couples and friends to learn more. First: How to save “sexual interest” after childbirth It is normal for a husband to lose “sexual interest” after his wife’s production, but fortunately this process is very short, that is, a few weeks. This does not mean that the wife loses attraction in their eyes, mainly because of the thoughtfulness of the wife. They know that their wife has just experienced some pain and does not want to put pressure on them. Psychologists believe that it is natural for both husband and wife to concentrate on their children. But this special phase will soon pass. It is especially important for the husband and wife to communicate with each other. The wife should not only take care of the baby, but ignore the care and warmth of her husband. Otherwise he will feel “abandoned”. Second: There is no standard for sex frequency. Some people say that the average sex life of couples is once or twice a week, but some couples have not had sex for a few months. Is there any problem? This is not a problem. The frequency of sexual life varies from person to person. Every couple will experience an asexual life. Sexuality is intermittent, and it stops when it is issued, and it is hot and cold. This is mostly caused by external factors such as financial constraints, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, child interruptions, and even subtle psychological changes. It is this truth that the so-called warmth and slutty is said. You can’t be interested in making love when the stock plunges. Xiao Bian recommended: The long-lasting happy “diamond” law has “smart wife” to have happiness. Third: How to solve the problem of loss of sexual life. Many wives put forward common problems: although my husband has tried his best, I still have sex after sex. Sense of loss. Is there any problem with me? This is not a personal problem but a lack of communication in sexual life. Men will instinctively know how to do it, but women are ashamed to know where the husband needs to caress, and when the husband does not do it, they will be very disappointed. In fact, you can tell him what to do, or you can unconsciously guide his hand to touch the sensitive part of your desire to caress, and express your pleasure in time to encourage him to continue. This concealed interaction is of great benefit to a harmonious husband and wife life. Fourth: How to make love without disturbing the child’s husband and wife can not let the child see. Because it may cause the awakening of their sexual consciousness, and The small partners imitate adults to do sex games. If you really see it, be careful to explain it to your child and tell him that you don’t have to make a fuss. This is a way for everyone to express love. Don’t tell him that only adults can do this kind of thing, which will provoke his curiosity. Fifth: the sex life of couples after childbirth Sometimes, the couple is physically exhausted, exercise may lead to excessive consumption, and can no longer complete sex life. In this case, sex toys are needed to help. Women can use LEANI’s TIANI2 2 generations to enhance their pleasure. It can effectively stimulate women’s sensitive areas, bring supple and intense teasing, and let women quickly enter sex. Men can use LELO to create a time delay artifact TOR Tor 2. Thor 2 is a time delay ring that is worn at the base of the penis. It can effectively comfort the penis, delay the ejaculation time, keep the man in a long erection, and the sex life will become more durable and tasteful. Guess what you like: Miao tactics to resolve the affair of her cockroaches, irritating to be a fascinating wife, more content, please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: