5 injuries make happy marriages die quickly

We all know that it is easy to love and to be difficult to defend. Marriage requires us to operate well, but there are many factors that undermine this happiness. The following five kinds of injuries are most important in marriage. If you want your marriage to be happy for a long time, you need to stay away from these 5 major injuries. So, what are these 5 major injuries? Xiaobian recommended: Helping you clean up your marriage and garbage. 1. First of all, we must be clear about a fact. That is, there is a gap between men and women. For example, women like Romance, men like Normandy; women like fashion, and men like fashion models. For husband and wife, there is a gap in the taste of life, value orientation, hobbies, etc., which not only makes the two worlds more colorful, but also fits the law of “complementary”. However, when this gap widens day by day, it has become impossible to complement each other, and our marriage is prone to problems. To this end, we must complement each other’s footsteps and cultivate common hobbies in order to better shorten each other’s distance. 2, husband and wife life has no fun. We always think that husband and wife life is plain, no romance and sweetness when in love. However, many couples have lost this dullness. After all, the love between husband and wife is to be spoiled, and the beautiful romantic love evolves into a flesh-and-blood relationship. This is because marriage is longer than love. So under this kind of real marriage, the emotional life is in a “tired” state, no longer “innovation”, and becomes a hard line in the oil and salt rice. In fact, the dullness of marriage does not mean that there is no interest, no romance, just more real and more suitable for life. You can still give her a breakfast surprise, and you can also give him a kiss to work. These little bits and pieces are all a little romance. 3, sexual life is detuned in every marriage, are inseparable from sex. The lack of sexual marriage is not long-lasting. Sex is a lubricant in marriage life, a harmonious husband and wife life, so that both people are ruddy and full of energy. On the contrary, marriage will have big problems. Often the sex between husband and wife becomes the obligation of two people, each time as boring as routine. The lubricant has lost its effect, and the chariot will surely have one or the other problem. This hidden danger is very important! But inevitably, there will always be problems in sexual life. At this time, we need to communicate in time to solve the problem in order to make sex more happy and marriage more happy. 4, busy all day neglected love love and love are different, we are talking about love, not love. Love is only so prominent when you are in love with each other. Once you enter the marriage, “love” is even more important. I can’t ignore the concern for each other because of the busy day. Caring and caring for each other, giving the other half love at any time and place is the foundation for a happy and long-lasting life. The various things in life are not limited to these, but they can help us to live together for the rest of our lives. 5, quarrel for trivial matters, let Feelings and injuries are a group of numbness, there will always be a small cockroach that cannot be solved. We should know before marriage that there will be many trivialities in our marriage that are beyond our imagination. When we face the pressure of work and the cumbersome life, quarrels are always inevitable. And this requires us to be sensible, not to argue because of trivial matters. You must know that if you have a lot of arguments, you will also hurt your feelings. Many couples are part of the argument because of this or that quarrel. Of course, a happy marriage needs to be managed, but this is not a one-off event. Only by fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and being tolerant and patient, can we let us go longer. Guess what you like: The best thing about leaving the house for a few days is that she doesn’t want to go home. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn