Clever use of Tianni 2 bonding husband and wife

When couples are just beginning to get in touch with their sex life, they will always feel full of freshness, excitement and joy. However, as two people live longer and longer, the number of sexes increases, and the level of happiness and initial joy will gradually decrease. When the fun of sex life is reduced, the marital relationship will also begin to decline. If you let the sex of the sexlessness not adjust, it will become the burden and burden of the husband and wife’s love, leading to obstacles in the body and mind, sweetness and happiness, and even emotional breakdown. Therefore, couples should carefully grasp the quality of sexual life. When it encounters obstacles, it must be handled quickly, and don’t let happiness pass. Therefore, the husband and wife should grasp the scale of sex from the following aspects and maintain its harmony. First: Never force a husband or wife to either force a partner to have sex. There are certain differences in male and female abilities, and they will also decline due to age. In addition, due to work, mood, health, etc., there is always a difference in sexual desire between men and women, so you can’t ask your partner to be consistent, otherwise you will lose it for a long time.” Sexual interest.” Xiao Bian recommended: Men’s disgusting “female man” behavior ten years after marriage, how to help couples life second: not too rigid couples do not have to be too regular and stereotyped sex life. Sexual life is too regular to become a “system” Timing, quantification, fixed-point, etc., because of rigidness, sex life becomes lifeless, and excitement is not high. I feel that sex is a kind of coping between husband and wife, and it is easy for a partner to have a sense of tension and oppression. If you think that sex life is too dull and too boring, you can use sex toys to help. The high-end product TIANI2 from LELO is very good. It can not only let women enjoy happiness, but also let each other feel the joy of being at the same time! Third: Sex can’t be joking. Sexual love always has a signal of sex. The other side should respond positively. It can also add fun when making jokes on sex, but if you often give inappropriate signals on sex, when you really have sex requirements. The partner may misunderstand that the jokes are ignored and cause conflicts. Fourth: Warmth is very important. Both husband and wife should be cleaned before living. After the incident, they don’t have to rush into the bathroom or ask their partner to wash them immediately. Although sex should also be cleaned after sex, but from a health point of view, you can not take a bath immediately, otherwise it will cause unfavorable conditions such as collapse. Moreover, after intense physical contact, two people should comfort each other emotionally, rather than just knowing about hygiene. Fifth: Coordinating each other’s sexual attitudes Couples can’t over-seek new differences. There are different sexual attitudes between husband and wife. If the partner is difficult to accept, it is necessary to pay attention to being as consistent as possible, or to gradually change in a gradual and excessive way, otherwise it will backfire. Guess what you like: How to make a marriage as rock-solid couples only take a scoop of love, husband and wife, new tricks, sexual intercourse, sex novels, one-night sex, love, demo, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: Cn