How do couples create a perfect life

Sexual blessing is an indispensable element in marriage. It has a sweet sexual life and a loving relationship. Couples must work together to make happiness last. So, how can couples maintain happiness and make their affairs harmonious and sweet? Do the following things well! First: to maintain a good psychological state of both sides, husband and wife should be loved, emotionally blended, can create a harmonious sexual life atmosphere; should choose a quiet environment, happy mood when the sex life. Both sides should cooperate and cooperate tacitly and tacitly in sexual life to jointly serve as the protagonist of the “duo”. A loving relationship is the key to a harmonious life. Second: maintain the physiological state of both sides. Before the life, local cleansing should be carried out to remove local discomfort and increase the local lubrication. This is a necessary condition for the harmony of sexual life. Third: the husband and wife are strong and energetic, and the genital development of both sides is the physiological basis for ensuring sexual organ contact and obtaining normal sexual stimulation. When you choose to be healthy, you can have sex, and you can have two emotions, such as a fish. Fourth: master the scientific sexual knowledge to understand the difference between male and female sexual reaction cycles. According to the characteristics of male sexual impulses and slow female sexual impulses, the male side stimulates the female emotions and waits patiently until the female has sexual excitement. The sexual intercourse can make the “sexual orgasm curve” of both sides tend to overlap, and the sexual physiology of both men and women tends to be synchronized. The main reason for sexual disharmony between husband and wife is the lack of sexual knowledge, such as lack of necessary sexual knowledge, no sexual intercourse, no friction to twitch the penis, no understanding of the other party’s sexual reaction characteristics, no concern about the other’s sexual reaction, etc. With perfect cooperation, it is difficult to achieve a harmonious state of sexual life. Sexual harmony and the need for sexual harmony are significantly different between different couples. In order to achieve a harmonious sex life, only the husband and wife and enthusiasm can be mobilized to practice, explore and communicate together to achieve the perfect realm of sexual intercourse.