How to let my husband know my sexual needs

I don’t know if you have noticed that in many romance films, the male and female protagonists can always see each other’s thoughts and thoughts when they are intimate, which seems to be taken for granted. However, all those who have experienced sexual life know that this is not the case. Real life is not as simple as in the film, and the minds of each other are not easily perceived by the other side. Different people have different sexual needs due to psychological factors, physiological factors and external environment. To put it simply, if one wants to satisfy his or her sexual needs, then you need to let the other person know your needs, so that the other party will not let you know. Xiao Bian recommended: Ina helps you to create a model of the best wife in the heart of the husband model. 1. The communication will be fun. That is to say, when the two are discussing sex, don’t regard it as a serious problem. This makes it easy for the two who are nervous themselves to be more embarrassed. You can suggest to make sex discussions fun through the game, such as taking turns, and the two take turns to meet each other’s needs. This game allows you to easily guide him to understand your preferences. For him, these are part of the game rather than blaming criticism, so there is no need to worry about hurting his “self.” 2, be prepared in advance to know that it is not enough to make the discussion interesting, but also plan how to communicate, how to get the best results. If you only communicate for the first time, in order to avoid embarrassment, you can write what you think on paper and let each other see. You can also start with small things and express as clearly as possible. You have to tell clearly what you want him to “when” kiss you, in which part Kiss a little more. You can also give him a helper product directly, and people who are in the wood will understand it. 3. Pay attention to your words. Whether you write on paper or tell him directly, pay attention to your words. Don’t list all the bad things in his bed. Otherwise, they will not only know what you need, but will instead hang out and drink. To know that sexual desire is a major factor in male identity, they are sensitive to the performance of their bed. Criticism of their performance will make them feel that they are losers. Before you can point out where he is doing something wrong, you can point out that he is doing something that will not hurt his self-esteem. You don’t have to worry about your behavior. Your behavior will not only arouse his resentment, but will be excited by your initiative. Your sexual life will also become more perfect and harmonious because of this communication. Guess what you like: Sexual lover’s habits, harmonious life, 4 cheats, novels, one-night sex, love, demonstration, emotional story, couples, emotions, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: