Happy marriage, don’t touch 5 bottom lines

The road to marriage seems to be flat, and it is actually full of thorns. Couples can work together in harmony, and if there is a contradiction and it is difficult to reconcile, then they can only enter the desperate situation. In fact, since husbands and wives choose to be together and choose a happy road of marriage, they must step by step and work together to solve difficulties and keep happiness forever. Here, point out the bottom line in several marriages, as long as they do not break through them, they can guarantee the happiness of marriage. First, the fight against the fight, don’t upgrade the couple to quarrel each other can be called love, but the other’s close relatives can only increase hate. There is a lot of trouble between husband and wife. Some people say that it is love to love, but what is the degree, only the husband and wife know. The other party is not necessarily fatal, but no matter what causes conflicts, you can’t marry the other’s relatives, especially the other’s biological parents, which is worse than directly yelling at the other party, making it difficult for the other party to accept. Because the Chinese are the most filial, the husband and wife are the ones who have no blood but are the closest. If one party smashes the other’s parents, they must make the other person feel angry and may immediately slap the other person’s slap. Second, it doesn’t matter if you don’t put pressure on your parents. But your parents can’t put pressure on them. There is a contradiction between husband and wife, which is originally a matter between husband and wife, but if there is friction between husband and wife, they will add fuel to their parents and let the older generations mix the affairs between husband and wife. In particular, using their parents to put pressure on the other side, for a long time, must make the other party feel serious discomfort, or hurt their self-esteem, and finally let the relationship between husband and wife come to an end, often pull the loved ones mixed, the conflict between husband and wife not only can not Solving, it is often easy to get worse, and serious divorce may also occur. Third, the husband and wife must not be too unreasonable between the husband and wife, and must not be insulted. Between husband and wife, we must be reasonable and have something to say. If one party does not move, it will rude and insult the other party, and it will definitely make the other party’s spirit collapse. Because insults indicate that the spouse has not taken the other person at all. Fourth, making mistakes to solve the problem of not being able to expose the extramarital affairs is destined to be underground activities, and the marriage is played in public. The spouse has an extramarital affair, but the other party does not know, or is not sure, the relationship between the husband and wife may be maintained, especially for those who do not want to divorce, but only want to seek a little extramarital romance, extramarital affairs may not lead to The relationship between husband and wife is broken. But if one party publicizes the extramarital affairs, it is undoubtedly a direct challenge to marriage. At this time, the other side is absolutely unbearable. Fifth, the husband and wife need to control each other instead of monitoring the evidence of the other party, but monitoring the other party is too unreasonable. I really grasped the opponent’s handle, and can force the other party to correct, or as evidence of divorce, but suspiciously is the enemy between husband and wife. Sometimes, there are some feelings, but suspicious will make heart The spirit is distorted, making something that the other party can’t stand, or even something crazy. For example, to hurt suspected objects, or to use various means to monitor each other’s privacy. Once this behavior occurs, it will make the relationship become extremely tense. If you don’t want to get divorced, it is not necessary. Sixth, sex life is a work that couples can’t be less. Sexual life is a way to make couples fit physically and mentally. Its beauty determines the happiness of marriage. Couples should not neglect it, and should actively create and create sexual life content. Perfect sex makes the perfection of the flesh and blood. Couples should use their brains to make their sex life vivid and colorful, and add more tricks to it under reasonable and healthy conditions. This will ensure that the sexual life is harmonious and the marriage will be more stable and more loving. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn