Diaini 2 eliminates harmful sexual acts

Sexual life is the main component of the couple’s emotions. The use of sexual skills will make the couple’s feelings deeper and deeper. After drinking, the house will not be exhausted. Excessive drinking often starts to be excited. In the future, it is the inhibition period. It can not completely complete the sex life. Fatigue can reduce the pleasure of sex life, and even can not carry out sexual life. Reluctance to carry it will bring future sex life. shadow. Do not continue to do a lot of people are going to bed before going to sleep, which affects sleep less. At night, the two sides are often unable to synchronize. Will affect sleep. Generally, it is not suitable for the next morning. After sex, both sides often need to rest. After sex, going to work will affect energy. Incomplete sexual intercourse affects pleasure. This often occurs in young couples who lack contraceptive knowledge and do not wish to have children soon. They are interrupted before the ejaculation due to fear of conception, which is harmful for both men and women. Because when interrupting the house, it will not be satisfied as normal. From the point of view of medical physiology, sexual intercourse was interrupted before ejaculation, and the reserve of ammunition was not completely retired. The nervous system, mainly the cerebral cortex and the central nervous system of the spinal cord, were still in a state of tension for a long time. The seminal vesicle was not completely empty, and people felt that Not calm, I feel very annoyed, it will cause men’s prostate disease, stagnation of the end of the urethra and impotence. For women, it often causes feelings of dissatisfaction, even anger and resentment. In the long run, it can also affect the marital relationship and loss of love. Deliberately prolonging the intercourse time is to extend the pleasure. Some people satisfy the feeling of enjoyment, and use the tense will to suppress and delay the arrival of the climax of pleasure. Such long-term congestion of the male and female reproductive organs can lead to stagnation of the genitourinary system, which causes prostate disease, menstruation, and lower abdomen. And repeating this abnormal sexual behavior for a long time will cause neurasthenia and impair health. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sex Channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn