Marriage experts teach you to build a happy marriage

A happy marriage is what everyone wants, and it is what we dream of. Whether it is a man or a woman, I hope that my marriage will be happy. But the teeth and lips will fight, not to mention the two people from strange to familiar, there will always be bumps. So how do we maintain intimacy and create a happy marriage? Don’t let the body go away. After many women get married, the investment in the family and children makes them ignore the maintenance of themselves. Out of shape, dressed in clothing, has become synonymous with countless married women. However, a number of data shows that in a marriage relationship, if a woman’s appearance and figure have the upper hand, the marriage will have a higher durability. Therefore, it is recommended that women pay attention to maintaining their own body, do not let the body go out of shape, men are still fascinated by you, and you will not lose confidence in yourself because of the blessing, both sides will invest and work hard for each other’s happiness. It is communication that often communicates the most effective way to promote relationships between people. Only communication can make us understand each other’s ideas and know what to do is the best. So, whether you have just been married for a few months or have been married for several years, you must maintain the habit of getting to know each other and maintain regular communication and understanding. People are making progress every day, and different things happen every day. Regular communication can increase mutual understanding and make the relationship stronger. Changing the unchanging sex life is the best way to promote gender relations. However, unchanging sex, even the best sexual posture, sexual skills, can be boring. Therefore, in sex, we must change our skills from time to time, change postures, inject fresh blood, and make sex full of passion and fun. For example, if you use a missionary often, you may want to try a female style; for example, changing a place of sex; for example, using a bullet bullet vibrator, etc., will make sex become more colorful and fresh. No alcoholism for modern people, they will drink for entertainment. The so-called drink is good, but it is not good. For a family, the habit of drinking alcohol on either side can affect the relationship of the couple and increase the risk of divorce. People who love to drink, like to go to various parties, thus increasing the chance of an affair to a certain extent, so in order to maintain a stable relationship between husband and wife, we must learn to control the amount of alcohol, while at the same time rationally face the feelings. Quarreling with arguments is the most inevitable thing between husband and wife, but you must be rational when you quarrel, and you must talk about things, and do not spread indefinitely. When a lot of couples quarrel, they often quarrel and finally forget the noise for the first time, and blindly revisit the past and chatter.